Loot Ninja's PSP Slim Review

Loot Ninja picked up a Star Wars edition PSP Slim yesterday. They decided it was time for a new one, since their battery was dying off anyway. They really wanted some of the new features, and they're fans of Star Wars merchandise.

Aside from the really cool looks of the white PSP with the Darth Vader image on the back, there are huge number of great refinements to the PSP Slim. Everyone has heard the usual, that the unit is much lighter and thinner, which are both very true. The screen is also brighter and the unit loads faster with more included RAM. But there's a lot of other features that haven't been widely discussed that make it that much better.

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KINGDRAMA4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

cleaner sound? i wouldnt say that....

the units max volume level is actually lower than the original black psp. one other thing i have noticed is that the wifi card is weaker/slower when scanning for hotspots/ap's and surfing. Perhaps im a picky son of a b1tch......but why downgrade the wifi and speakers? i bet battery life would be the culprit. all in all its a marvel of machinery......especially if you look at the emulation aspect of the unit.
while i do agree this thing flies when loading....i just dont see the use of the tv out port. i mean if im home id just play non portable systems.
i mean its like buying a desktop replacement to game on for 5k, when u can buy a desktop with 5 times the performance for the same price. totally impractical.
im not b ashing the psp slim its a great grab-n-go-gadget. i just hope sony gets it right the next time. though battery life is always a portables mortal enemy.

drunkpandas4067d ago

It's a bit cleaner because the speakers aren't firing into your hands now. All the sound is coming directly at your face/ears

KINGDRAMA4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

though the original psp had 4 speaker holes(on the face and on the bottom.

im not trying to bash u or anythin. i like the gadget alot, especially how light and how bright the screen is. perhaps im just too picky.

all in all psp is a great multimedia device for those long trips or those rides to work.

i like star wars alot(currently playing empires at war on pc).... i might just pick up the darth vader edition . how is battlefront?

drunkpandas4067d ago

Haven't played Renegade Squadron yet, but it's not getting great reviews. I think it's around 72% on metacritic. I've been focusing my time on Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, Socom, and Jeanne d'Arc

Armyless4066d ago

I'd like to get an opnion from a fellow gamer.

drunkpandas4067d ago

Yeah Jack Tretton confirmed this at E3 when it was announced. The game has to be coded to take advantage of it, so older games aren't really going to load any faster. Newer games will be able to utilize the extra RAM to decrease load times

quiddd4067d ago

I wonder if movie support for the UMD will increase. If anyone knows please contribute your opinion.

Hatchetforce4067d ago

I don't know if movie support will increase but I have been having a great time. One of the first things I did was connect the cable to my system selector so I could game on my HDTV. Despite all of the positive things I had read about the picture I was still surprised how good it was. The resolution is great.

As soon as I got it I downloaded the update and didn't notice any issues with the scanning for my wifi at all. The one thing I do regret is that the old remote plug no longer fits in the new slim. Thankfully my PSP headset mike combo still works like a charm and gaming in MP through infrastructure or ad hoc has never been better.

The new Syphon Filter underwater sequences are a blast.

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