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Hoje03083024d ago

I will bribe someone to get this game earlier than day one. Looks absolutely amazing! The part that got me the most was the ability to go from mech to jet. Anyone who played Transformers: War for Cybertron knows how fun it is to take a standard firefight and have it turn into a dog fight or to hammer a guy from the air and then swoop in, transform and melee his ass. Starhawk will let me do this in the context of what looks to be a much better game. Starhawk!

XIIIWARRIOR413024d ago

Def have to agree with ya dude.

dp2774073024d ago

yea that was way better looking than what i was expecting.

Shang-Long3024d ago

everything looks great what im hoping for to continue is the music that plays after a kill streak or you kill someone lol its small but that was always a plus.

Sevir043024d ago

LMAO i feel sorry for those impatient kids who traded/sold their PS3's and got other consoles LOL!! The footage was just amazing the gameplay even in this crappy low qual video looked amazing

I love how the aiming goes over the shoulder once you go into shooting. I wonder how multiplayer will be because this looks like SP footage!!! but then again. the building of bunkers and such is a multiplayer feature, so if thats the case the then the single player footage must be something out of this world because multiplayers graphics looks amazing. almost on KZ level.

and ZOMG the starhawks are actually mechs that transform!!!!!!! :-)when PSN gets online its time to dust of Warhawk and take back to the skies :-) and celebrate it's spiritual successor's announcement!!

isurvivedPSNhack20113024d ago

Gameplay looks absolutely fantastic... the PS3 is on fire!

DarkFantasy3024d ago

yeah LOL we can go starscream on everyone's ass!!
Damn that's bad ass!!

rockleex3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Dang! Its like Starcraft + Warhawk + Mechs = AWESOME!!!

This is Play Create Battle!!

Btw, where's Loner? Lol.

ABizzel13024d ago

Warhawk sequel had me sold, but the build and battle system for single player and multiplayer is incredible.

I want to drop a building on someone.

HappyGaming3024d ago

I bought warhawk after hearing how good it was back in Febraury :P

I never got into it because everyone that still plays has been playing for 4 years and is a complete pro...

Just like UT3 you can't pick up this online old hardcore games that are full of elites and try and play you will get slaughtered and won't even know how :(

GrandTheftZamboni3024d ago

I felt butterflies in my stomach while watching the video...

sobekflakmonkey3023d ago

Wow, yeah, that actually looks really really good, I personally wasnt the biggest fan of Warhawk but this looks amazing, that building thing looks really awesome, I'm officially hyped.

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GodofSackboy3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )


Edit: i just was checking loads of website names and at it says input username and password, any hackers here plz? Need site!!

Crystallis3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Transforming Mechs Nonetheless.

NobleGamer3024d ago

Great!!! solo campaign too, i wonder if its a fully fledged campaign not just a campaign tacked on to teach you multiplayer basics.

GrandTheftZamboni3024d ago

I couldn't care less about the story and the campaign, as long as it's got the same gameplay as Warhawk. That's just an icing on a cake for me.

cannon88003024d ago

This looks like it's lots of fun. I gotta try this. Demo please?

Ravage273023d ago

honestly that transforming mech alone will sell the game to lots of people, especially closet Starscream fans ;)

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Buying it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tawak3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

"ps3 owners trading their ps3 for xbox 360 or cash"(yesterday)
After watching this--now is buying a new ps3 (this is only one of the things that more to come)

xtheownerzx3024d ago

this game is gonna be great!

Dart893024d ago

Jeezus i hope they have a beta i think we can all agree on that.Agree if you think we should and disagree if you don't think we should.

Nitrowolf23024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

who the F would want to disagree with this. The game looks great and there def. needs to be a beta.

@Red below

ahh i see

RedDead3024d ago

I disagreed just because your looking for Agrees..for whatever reason. I want a beta though

RedDragan3024d ago

Everybody looks for agree's, that is why they post here and not in the forums. so why disagree with someone just for sake of it?