Activating a PSP System on a PS3

Here's a bit of info if you decide to upgrade your PSP and have downloaded some PS1 titles from the PlayStation Store. If you try to play them from the memory card, the first time you play them, you'll get this error:

"To use this content, you must activate the system."

Loot Ninja found some information on how exactly to do this. So if you get stuck in the position they were, here's how to get around it.

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lynx1halo4018d ago

There are fixes for any SONY issue.....However the only way to fix an Xbroke360 is to send it back

CyberSentinel4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

is to strip it of b/c, remove $200.00 from the price tag, and throw in a copy of spiderman.

Even THEN, without any games, it won't catch up.

How low will you go Sony?

You already begged developers, will you beg us next?

lynx1halo4018d ago

no need for sony to with a competitive price point...multiple SKU's galore soon to be released..and a track recored for reliability (unlike the toaster Xbox360) they never beg...they let the product and gaming experience do their talking.....Speaking of pretty sure i saw Master Chief on a 7-11 cup BEGGING ME to buy his game LOL not thx MR. 640P

Taker_1294018d ago

I swear, you never give it a rest. The ps3, 360, and the wii will do fine this generation. Just because you don't like a system doesn't mean it will fail. Hell I don't like the 360 but i'm not going to call it a failure because of that.

drunkpandas4018d ago

I agree, all will do well. I have all three systems and all have their strengths and weaknesses. I'm on my 7th Xbox 360, all dying from either RRoD or disc read errors (thank you Best Buy warranty). I keep coming back because it has great games and provides a lot of fun.

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Hatchetforce4018d ago

Activating it is well worth it. I have a 250GB drive installed in my PS3 and with my PSP slim I can stream video, photos, or music from anywhere in the house or over the internet from any WiFi hotspot anywhere in the world.

AdamBlue4018d ago

Get stuck? Both the PS3 and the PSP explained it pretty good... Took me no more than a few seconds to figure it out.

Mikey_Gee4018d ago

I have 3.71 M33. If anyone else out there has the same Custom FW can they comment ??

I still buy my games, but love the homebrew applications available when using Custom FW and have no desire to go to official firmware.

MikeGdaGod4018d ago

i'm glad there's a fix for those that did

i think the remote play feature of the PSP and PS3 is something that's extremely overlooked. everyone wants to compare Live with the PSN, but remote play is a feature 360 has no way to compete with.

when PlayTV comes to the US and we're able to play all PS3 games on the PSP through remote play, the benefits of having both systems will obviously clear.

i'm glad i already made my investment. both are great gadgets and the future is only gonna get brighter.

taz80804018d ago

Remote play is definitely unique, should provide good fun once they get it refined. Unfortaunately Xbox 360 doesnt have anything like it, the Wii can compete in this arena but hasnt done much to further the progress.

MikeGdaGod4018d ago

the Wii could try to compete, but the fact that is doesn't have a HDD really limits what their remote play features would be. add to that, most games on the Wii greatly depend on the motion controls. where as the PS3 games are mostly played normally with a controller and the PSP just acts like a controller with a screen in remote play.

i guess we'll see........................