The Day the Secret Service Raided a Role-Playing Game Company

Kotaku: Steve Jackson Games is a company well known for its tabletop RPGs and card games. An innocent enough trade, then, so why in 1990 were its offices raided by the United States Secret Service?

It wasn't because SJG's products were somehow illegal, or that the company was peddling counterfeit currency. It was because, at the time, it had employed a man by the name of Loyd Blankenship to write a game for them. And Blakenship was a hacker.

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joeorc3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

i play "killer" at the con with steve, he's a funny guy. Car wars is one of my fav. game's. before all this game console doodads, Board games an RPG games were it for gamer's like myself well there was PC with its BBS an those were fun, nethack.


pocket box games like the ones he made over at Metagaming

TFT was a great game, it turned into GURPS..HEHEHE.

anyway exciting stuff back in the 70's