Star Hawk Officially Revealed with first details on Story and Multi-player mode

Star Hawk has officially been revealed VIA GTTV with loads of information. Hit the jump for more information

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-IronMan-3022d ago

PS3 Only! So many great exclusives for the PS3. ^^

MasterCornholio3022d ago

Sony really wants to bankrupt us this year. I love owning a PS3 for all the exclusives that Sony releases for it.

house3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

mind blown by how not only it looks better then war hawk but the mecs into planes and the rts elements they added

i want this game to be released in 2011 but i highly doubt it will with all the exclusives out this year

nitrowolf i can see it releasing early next year i don't think theirs many games planed for that time frame

Nitrowolf23022d ago

i really hope it releases this year but i am seeing a march-may of next year release.

Vherostar3022d ago

I will be getting day 1 no matter the year I love RTS and shooters this game ticks all the boxes.

Ninver3022d ago

I'm buying Warhawk in anticipation of this.

xyxzor3022d ago

Waiting on the gameplay trailer, sounds promising though.

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The story is too old to be commented.