Starhawk Officially Announced For Playstation 3

TGH Writes: "The wait is over and developers, publishers and media can freely speak about Starhawk. GTTV had the honor of announcing the title on it's show at around 1am eastern."

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xc7x3022d ago

wha!!?? ot ain't 1am here yet,now i got to be at the mercy of all the news and stuff before i can even see the video on GTTV tonight,that sucks. well not really but i like to be up to date but because i live on the west coast i get robbed sort of. still going to watch the show even if everything gets put on the net before i see it,ergh.

lpfisher3022d ago

Yeah, it sucks that they air it the way they do. You'd think they'd make the east coast wait for the Pac. to air it.

Max Power3022d ago

Or how about they play it earlier on the west coast?

lpfisher3022d ago

@Max The problem with that is that GTTV is not primetime television. 10pm isn't exactly primetime, but Manswers is obviously more deserving of that primo slot

Max Power3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

So, I would have to wait until 4 A.M. to watch this show instead of you guys viewing it at 10 P.M.?

EDIT: Don't get me started on how stupid Manswers is, I had to watch a couple of minutes of that just to view some Starhawk action and it was the worst couple of minutes ever.

BiggCMan3022d ago

Hey I just posted a blog about the reveal, and gave every bit of information they showed us in the episode. You guys can take a look if you want to know everything about it. This article really doesn't explain a whole lot to be honest. I agree on the timing of this show though, its horrible. I'm tired as hell now cuz they air it so late. The game is looking good already though man, can't wait for E3 to hear more about it.

RedDead3022d ago

Wonder what the player limit is...hoping for 64

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ShadyDevil3022d ago

I think you will be okay, because all the videos havent hit the web yet. They will show single and multiplayer gameplay which will have many salivating.

xc7x3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

haven't hit,give it a few seconds :-/

they did hit,look next post below :-(

moparful993022d ago

Im pissed about them ditching sixaxis controls!!!! That was one of my favorite things about warhawk.. This game looks nuts regardless...

Hoje03083022d ago

Game looks amazing! I loved Warhawk and they somehow managed to make a game that looks like an improvement in every way. One of my favorite parts of the last Transformers game was playing as a jet and having the freedom to go from land to air at will. Starhawk incorporates that into an already amazing package, along with so much more. Can't wait, day one!

XIIIWARRIOR413022d ago

It's on Direct TV here in the Pacific. Check your listings the game is freakin siiiiick!!!!

showtimefolks3022d ago

us of red faction Armageddon but with much muc better colors and graphics

i never played warhawk but i will buy this day one i have heard great things about the warhawk community

i am glad it has single player i hope its a great long story not just 6-8hrs

also its nice that sony gave them 4 years already to develop and by the time this comes out in 2012 it would be over 5 years of development. I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE HOW GREAT IT LOOKS

saladthieves3022d ago

It's been too long nipote!

Fil1013022d ago

o.k they announce starhawk which is great news but do they think that by anoucing this that its gonna soften the blow that the network is still down how about you give ua a concrete anouncement as to when te networkwork will be back up.

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lpfisher3022d ago

Watching this right now, the game looks sick

b163o13022d ago

Looks f*cking Amazing!!!!!!!! I will never trade my ps3. Exclusives make the world spin!! :D

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ERMAC_3022d ago

Nice to see their Starcraft fans. They're implementing RTS mechanics in their game. ****ing sick.

RedPawn3022d ago

I was thinking this earlier today, what if in Lost Planet 3, E.D.N III became a warzone over it's territories & you could set up small installations for VS, to further draw dominanc.

Fil1013022d ago

what if lost planet 3 was actually good ???

RedPawn3022d ago

Fil101 hahahahah!!!

Well I griped at LP2, and ended up loving it, for all the unlocks & mech play. If Capcom wants to go really restructure some of their IP's like western games, then they need to revent by just making it a MP game like Starhawk.


rajman3022d ago

Those who havent got Spike (like me..UK) heres a stream of GTTV

rds14883022d ago

clocked in 700 plus hours now starhawk has mechs that turn to planes omfg!

a_bro3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

ROBOTECH/Macross Right there.