Rumour - Tomb Raider Will Be Release On 13 December 2011

According to a user on tombraider forum, GameStop's manager show a list of upcoming games which revealed that Tomb Raider was on the list for 13 December 2011, while other big games title also was leaked along with it.

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Soldierone3018d ago

The market is so satuated I highly doubt it. If it is "scheduled" for that day, expect it to be delayed to early next year with some excuse along the lines of "we need to polish it"

Max_Dissatisfaction3018d ago

Saturated how?? ME 3 and Ghost Recon already fled to next year. I don't want another December 2010 where the only AA game was GT5. Market is NOT saturated, it is in fact lacking in great games and could use more.

Soldierone3018d ago

COD MW3, BF3, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Gears of War 3 are major ones going to sell in the millions, and will take a ton of sales away no matter what games you throw at them.

Going further Batman, Darkness 2, Rage, Dues Ex, Assassins Creed, Skyrim, Twisted Metal, Ratchet and Clank and a crap ton more coming out this Fall.

These are titles already announced, we all know even more will be announced at E3. The only reason Tomb Raider should come out is if MS pushes it.

I want to see Tomb Raider just as bad as the next guy, but I don't expect it in this slot. Especially in December. Why would you release a high caliber Tomb Raider in December? If your daring to get that Close to Uncharted then shoot at it within a month...and obvious business structure would be to release it BEFORE Uncharted. Just like EA releasing MOH before COD, and probably do the same with BF3.

NukaCola3018d ago

I honestly can't think of one game coming out in Dec. so the realse time is fine. I would like to see it in action. See what the team has done. I personally have little to no faith in Square Enix's console games anymore.

TVippy3018d ago

Pretty sure it won't make it this year.

TVippy3018d ago

And... it doesn't list Uncharted 3?

ExitToExisT3018d ago

Thats just a place holder date