Preview GeForce GTX 560 with Duke, Alice, Dungeon Siege 3 writes, "According to Valve's hardware survey results, the 2008-released GeForce 9800 GT is the most popular graphics card used on Steam. While many gamers are still using three-year-old GPUs, interestingly enough, Valve's data also states that the most popular gaming resolution, by a vast majority, is 1920x1080 (21.1%). This discrepancy in what hardware the majority of people have versus what resolutions their displays support presents an interesting predicament. Essentially, users running 9800 GTs and even older graphics cards would have to make compromises in performance, graphical settings, or both to play games at such a high resolution. With the price of large 1920x1080-capable monitors dropping like flies, the popularity of HD gaming will only continue to grow, and because we wanted gamers to be able to play modern games at 1920x1080, the way they were meant to be played, we have designed the affordable GeForce GTX 560. "

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death2smoochie3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

You can buy a mid range GPU now for $120+
Why use a 9800 card or older

Dash Reindeer3023d ago

I need this for Duke nukem!

Newtype3023d ago

Wow, a replacement for the GTX 460. 560 is just better at OC, that's cool. Those people with old GPUs might wanna upgrade now, 560 might hit a sweet spot.

chak_3023d ago

Got a gtx580, but I prefer my 1680 monitor (120hz) over my old 1920 at 60hz.

Resolution doesn't matter that much when you're close enough.

Plus a 24 inch monitor gave me some headache and sometimes pain to the eyes.

22" 's perfect from my distance.

bozebo3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I currently have a 9800GT :D

Funny, after I got that card I noticed the 8800GT was the most popular - but the 2 cards perform very similarly and use the same G90 nVidia chip and RAM sepcifications (performance varies more by the card manufacturer than the 9800/8800 discrepancy. Some 9800GT G90 chips were manufactured in 55nm which made them more likely to use less energy and therefore possibly clock higher), so it is odd that the 9800gt has become more popular. I think what has happend is a large number of 8800gt owners upgraded because their cards began to break due to age or underperform due to age, so they moved to something like a 5850 HD or similar.

The 560 is great but the ati 6950 (2GB version) is what you want because they openly allow you to unlock it to a 6970 and it will perform to the same specs without any problems. Us 9800GT owners will dissapear soon to, I have been gaming on 1680x1050 and I have to lower the graphics quality quite a bit to keep my fps high - I'll get a 6950 soon.

RankFTW3023d ago

The 9800GT is just a bios flashed 8800GT anyway, exactly the same card. This is quite common knowledge and my 9800GT used to be an 8800GT until a couple of years ago.

bozebo3021d ago

exactly what i was saying...

jack_burt0n3023d ago

Little reason to tbh till stuff like BF3, as long as i can run CoH, DoW, Total War, witcher 2 and valve stuff its not worth upgrading for console ports.

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