PSN Outage - A Fact Of Life writes: April 20th marks a sad day in gaming history, the day the PSN went down. Falling victim to malicious attacks from a group of unknown hackers, the free to use gaming network came tumbling down bringing great despondence among the PlayStation community. Since then the situation has snowballed into a seemingly giant intrusion that has both consumers and employee information at risk. Over three weeks after losing access to the PSN has it just become a fact of life?

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Emilio_Estevez3025d ago

April 20th is also Hitlers birthday, coincidence?

Yes, absolutely.

3025d ago

Apr 20,1983 man with pea sized brain stumbles into AA centre in Fargo,ND.
first recorded pea sized brain.If one looks closely, similarities between that fateful day in 83' and today uncanny.

Barajas_2013025d ago

wow 3 weeks with no online play isn't that big of a deal, ppl (nerds) need to get a life, go to the mall with the very little friend you guys have, spent time with family, maybe get a job to help out the family bills, its sad this ppl get so upset about no online component when back in the day it was all offline

jeseth3025d ago

Says the guy with a Scorpion Avatar.

Nerd or no nered, online gaming has become a major factor and often selling point of games. Hiw about people that bought MAG or DCUO? Online only games...what then? I love a great SP game more than most MP games but teh PSN being down this long is BS. I bought SOCOM and MK and haven't been able to play online . . . does that bother me? F Yeah it does. I'm not going to make any more excuses, PSN needs to be back like yesterday.

Making insulting comments and stereotyping people only makes you look bad. A lot of us do all the things you mention and when we have free time we want to play online with our friends.

You pay $60 for a game now and part of that $60 pays for the MP modes. SO yeah, people are getting annoyed and pissed. Its sad you try to insult others to make excuses for the PSN going down.

Barajas_2013025d ago

what is wrong with my avatar? how does that make me a nerd? ok on topic: PSN is not gonna be offline forever you know, my point was that ppl are doing stupid retarded things like trading their console for a piece of shit called xbox just because of this 3 week period of no online, and you speaking about prices of games, WTF? did you start gaming yesterday? video games used to cost that much money if not more, i understand that ppl have no life and there only way of being social is playing COD, so next time get your facts right son

jeseth3024d ago

Eherm, son . . . .

It wasnn't until this gen that the standard price of games was $60.

Did you just start gaming yesterday?

Again, you insult others and now you fanboyism has shown right through. Congratulations, you discredited yourself in your own comment. I love Sony and am a PS only gamer but this PSN crap is garbage and not recognizing it is a little biased on your part. It is a big deal. The present and future of gaming has online multiplayer as a main component and if Sony can't keep that service up and the safety of its users intact they are going to have serious issues.


AngelicIceDiamond3025d ago

That was to the wrong guy wow N4g...

Ser3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Having no online gaming was fine and dandy in the 90's, but this is a new day and age. Online gaming is everywhere and there's no hiding from it.

If you want to chill out in the corner with your NES and Atari 2600, that's cool with me, but leave online gaming out of it.

Barajas_2013025d ago

well to bad you never played this consoles kid. go back and play your little gaylo okay

Ser3025d ago


Excuse me? I own an NES, SNES, Genesis, and ColecoVision.

I also don't play Halo, so your assumptions crashed and burned.

Grow up, kid.

hellerphant3025d ago

Pffft go hang out at the mall? What are you, like eleven-teen?

Instead why don't you go out and get into some adventures, take a look at the world around you and enjoy life? While you're at it stop bashing on the "nerds", judging by the fact you hang out at a gaming website means you probably fall into that category.

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thejfs793025d ago

The only one to blame here is SONY! They brought this all on themselves. I dont feel sorry for them one bit!

3025d ago