Could There Be More Modern Warfares?

Yesterday the cover for Modern Warfare 3 was leaked, now one main thing that was changed was the Modern Warfare logo, instead of the word “Modern Warfare” it was “MW”. Could this mean that Activision is changing the logo to make Modern Warfare a sub-division of the Call Of Duty series therefore leading to more games in the Modern Warfare Franshise?

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TXIDarkAvenger3018d ago

Maybe because "MW" stands for "Modern Warfare".

Also I don't really follow much on CoD games but I'm pretty sure that couldn't be the final cover of MW3, it probably will change.

xc7x3018d ago

like mo'darn warf air? or mod 'ern war fair?

-Mezzo-3018d ago

After "Black Ops" Dedicated Servers (On Console) will be the only reason I'll buy this game. Looking forward to the Good News.

2fk3018d ago

2013 MW4...sadly this may happen....hey COD take a damn Kit-Kat brake

xc7x3018d ago

ya got that moder'n war fear i see.

Dart893018d ago

Wait i thought they couldn't use the name Modern warfare 3 due to the case Jason and west vs.Crapovision??

RioKing3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Technically, MW3 is not Modern Warfare 3. See the difference? Plus, I don't know if that's actually been settled on in court, aren't they still suing at this point?

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The story is too old to be commented.