Modern Gaming Scams, They're Subtler Than You Think "It feels as though that over the years companies have had to find new means of making money from gaming, not just through hard sales but through other means as well. Constant internet access and downloadable updates have long changed the way that video games are marketed, sold, and even resold in some instances. Companies have had to become quite savvy in finding new ways to keep value in their products, combat the constant threat of theft and piracy, and of course squeeze out a few extra bucks from an already existing IP. But while some of these 'bonus' updates are acceptable add-ons, other 'features' over the years have become a little out of hand in what they ask customers to tolerate. Here's a list of a few of the more memorable gaming scams in recent times, some of which simply want gamers to part more frequently with their money, while others are a lot more subtle in their deception."

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ShawnCollier3021d ago

On-disc DLC annoys me the most.

JDouglasGU3021d ago

yeah it seems even the more respectable publishers are resorting to it these days.

Rocket Sauce3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

It shouldn't even be called DLC, because what are you really downloading?

If it's already on the disc, it's just...C.

Zydake3020d ago

i hate the most when I download something and then it turns out to be 100KB

Hardedge3021d ago

The worst is on-disc, plus a $5 charge for one measly extra character...

kagon013021d ago

That makes the game incomplete and unbalanced...

snyder2nyce3021d ago

Fifa online pass gets on my nerves

Quagmire3021d ago

Any Online Pass gets on my nerves.

kagon013021d ago

Copyright saves, this will encourage gamers to subscribe for the cloud service...

SilverSlug3021d ago

I lost 2 games I was working on due to this .

ZombieAssassin3021d ago

Agreed on the copyright saves, I didn't make it through Kz2 until about my third attempt because I backed up my first ps3 to put Linux on it and didn't know the Kz2 save wouldnt transfer and then I started playing it again right before the slim model was released so I traded it in for a new model.

Legion3021d ago

I am trying to think of what Games have Copyright saves? Is this a PS3 thing only? Does it not allow you to play games from one system to another on some games or what?

I am pretty sure that I can transfer all my games from one system to another on my 360. I had transfered 1259 game licenses to my new 250gb system along with 82 video licenses. The only thing it wouldn't transfer over was 24hr video rentals... of which I had none.

I had to redownload a few titles so I could play then without being online but nothing so far that wouldn't let me play.

SilverSlug3021d ago

Paying monthly to play a game you paid full price for sucks.

rdgneoz33021d ago

Only thing that really falls under that category are MMOs. Some are worth the monthly fees as you get new content every so often and good online communities. Though I am waiting for Guild Wars 2 to come out. The first was fun and the second one looks very promising.

Legion3021d ago

Phantasy Star Universe was a rip-off. Cost $10 - $15 a month to play it. No game even if it is a MMO is worth $120 - $180 a year.

I don't understand how people pay for DC Universe, that is the biggest scam. It costs $60 to buy the game which comes with 1 month free play @ $15 a month you basically paid $45 for a disk with the data you needed to get online and play.

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