XBL Games on Demand adds Vanquish, DiRT 2, more

Xbox Live's Games on Demand service gains several new games today.

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Vherostar3019d ago

Whats the point though? As they are all games that are cheaper to buy on a disc and 99% of people still prefer them on disc format rather than digital ask Sony why the PSP Go failed.

Dread3019d ago

Its just another alternative.

I prefer the hard copy, but I am not going to complain about having the option to buy them digitally as well.

and the difference between this and the psp go is that the psp go did not have the option of hard copy. In other words they forced everyone to go digital, and worst yet, not all psp games were available in digital form and SOny did not give options for those who had bought games in hard copy to trasnfer them to digital form. Thus, they had to re-purchase the games. BIG MISTAKE!

xstation793019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Most of the time the game on demand is the same price as the disc version. Not really sure how you could possibly know what 99 percent of millions of gamers prefer