Wii becomes a new tool for hospital rehab

"There are a lot of things Barbara Everlith can't do since she suffered a stroke. Grasping objects with her left hand doesn't come as easily as it used to. She can't stand or walk as steadily as she once did.

But there's one thing that Everlith, who lives in Stratford, can do. She can play tennis. Sort of."

Connecticut Post's Amanda Cuba reports for the Associated Press that hospitals in the U.S. and Canada are incorporating the Wii into their physical therapy programs.

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lynx1halo4104d ago

Go from having no mobility in your arms.... to having tennis elbow within a month

Amp4104d ago

Hats off to you Peg. A story that shows the good side of gaming, and how it can help people with serious problems,not Mine is better than yours B.S.Everybody here loves games. Everybody here should look out for more stories like this, when we show gaming can be a usefull tool, more people hear about gaming, more people start gaming, and we will end up helping others, and ourselves.