12 Things to do while PSN is STILL Down

GamerFitNation's contributing Editor gives you 12 ideas for things to do while the PSN is still down.

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Dart893020d ago

2.Work out
3.clean car :D
4.Catch up on homework:D
5.Catch up on old school games
6.Go to the movies
7.Beat the damn battle tower on MK
8.Mow lawn
9.Go fishing
10.Play psp
11.Play DS
12.Download music


I like your list alot my friend LOL!

Best3020d ago

he forgot to mention FAPING.

DERKADER3020d ago

I'm almost 100% positive you can do just about anything you wan't while PSN is down except use the PSN.


Actually you can still use the PSN, via Netflix, internet, and other movie programs.

TXIDarkAvenger3020d ago

1 of the 12 things to do:

Write an article that has been written 1000 times again about what to do when PSN is down. /s

Please, y the need for these articles. By now, everyone should know what to do.

Dart893020d ago

I rather have these than teh ps3 is doomed articles.Like the last few days.


PS3 is Doomed? LOL Nah The PS3 and PSN will be fine. I just wish people would be a little more understanding for the situation. This isn't Sony's fault at all and when the PSN is live again, I believe that they will make it all up to users.

TXIDarkAvenger3020d ago

Thats true. But as a whole, I rather stop these articles about PSN completely unless its 100% true information about PSN coming back or something important.

People are over reacting like PSN will never be back up and Sony is doomed and there going to die without PSN.

Peaceful_Jelly3020d ago

Well, I've been playing Last Blade 2 on Mame but it's boring playing against the CPU all the time and online on Mame is really laggy. Then I found Emerald Dragon for the Snes during a random google search about "good Snes games that never made it to the west". Great game but too easy. They really missed out on a huge opportunity to create a cult classic due to the lame automated battle system. Great Story and graphics though... =/

Other than playing games I've been visiting various job agencies cus I'm looking for new job but there has been no luck.

xtheownerzx3020d ago

lol play 3DS and get a beer

9thGenHero3020d ago

There are many things to do while PSN is down, gaming included. I got about 100 trophies since it's been down, including Mortal Kombat, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Heavy Rain, among others. Embrace single player gaming and oh yeah, walk outside and see the real world, get some exercise, and whoo sah!!


Motorstorm is a great game. This would be a great time to get play Uncharted 3 single Player if it was out LOL.

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The story is too old to be commented.