Conquer Online: Wrangler Emerges! New Sub-Class & New Steeds Heading Your Way!

Conquer Online has just announced that another major update will be released on May 19th. Following the epic Legends Return expansion, some thrilling new features will be arriving in game, which will bring a whole new sub-class into sight, the Wrangler!

Known as an experienced trainer and handler of animals, a Wrangler can equip their mounts with different Steed Garments, giving them a brand new look (Deer & Tiger)! This won’t just make riding more fun, but it will also be quite pleasing to the eyes! Besides, this new sub-class could add various attributes to the character, which will be of great help during a battle!

After players take a full command of the skills of a Wrangler, these unique outfits are ready for grabs! There will be many steed garments available, each category having ten different styles of garments. The higher phase you reach as a Wrangler, the shaper your steeds will look!

This brand new sub-class and new Steed Garments will be released on May 19th! If you think this is all, you couldn’t be more wrong! This is just a taste of what’s coming up next! Those who have been charging into battle on steeds will soon be able to get hands-on time with another marquee feature – Mounted Combat! This will shake up the whole landscape of battle and change forever the way people fight right now in Conquer, as there will be fighters on mounts AND on foot! New forms of PK tournaments will also emerge! Who knows what other ways there could be in the future?

Brace yourself for the coming update on May 19th! Stay tuned to our official site for more details!

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