Bitmob Studio Tours: Splash Damage

Bitmob Co-Founder Demian Linn: A few months ago, a talented group of videographers based in the U.K. got in touch with us about a potential collaboration. This is the result, or at least the first result: a behind-the-scenes look at Brink developer Splash Damage.

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LockeCole3538d ago

Very cool video work. Always interesting to see what game studios look like behind the scenes.

BakedGoods3538d ago

"...and finds cubicles full of crying adults, staring at BRINK review scores."

sickbird3538d ago

the average is like a 7.5 so its not too bad.

BakedGoods3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Metacritic avg. is 69.

I day one'd it, and am enjoying the mechanics. But still disappointed. I figured this was going to be the second coming of Jesus.

Sadie21003537d ago

Yeah, but if they're like some other companies, 80 or it's back to the isolation cell for another year for the developers!

rod_furlong3537d ago

Some empty seats in the QA dept....