The Epic Tradition - An Unreal history

Inside an office in sunny Raleigh, North Carolina, Epic vice president Mark Rein settles back into a comfy seat. "It all started way back in the stone age," he begins. "You know, Tim Sweeney started the company in his parents' basement in Maryland."

Outside, staff members play on the Epic basketball court, others help themselves to a mountain of saturated fat in a snacking area that would make Elvis blush, and a dummy sits in the echoing halls of a super hi-tech motion capture suite just waiting to be hurled off a ledge for the fiftieth time.

Others still beaver away on Unreal Tournament III, presumed further iterations of Gears of War and engine tech that will have an inordinate number of games we've barely dreamt of plugged into its guts. There's no disputing it, Epic Games have come a long, long way since their original birth as Potomac Computer Systems back in 1991.

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jcgamer4015d ago

Epic is one the rockstars of this make NC proud...