AAG Rumor: EA's unhappiness with PSN outage could lead to Sony reducing PS3 price

The Playstation Network being down so long is causing headaches for Sony left, right and center. With pressure coming from all angles whether it be the gamers or publishers and developers, could Sony be forced to reduce the price of the PS3? Find out what All Age Gaming have learned from an anonymous source.

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M-Easy3024d ago

IQ points were lost for the dozen or so people who read this dribble.

xTruthx3024d ago

lol at article, EA needs sony more than sony needs EA

Laxman2163024d ago

That is complete rubbish. Do you realise how much money EA would make if, for example they were console-exclusive entirely for Xbox? The PS3 would die out in a few years, there would be no more competition... Ever.

CraigGOA3024d ago

Agree Laxman216, pretty much what EA did with Sega and the Dreamcast. People forget quickly I guess.

xTruthx3024d ago

Who do you think gets more income? Sony from EA's games or EA from each sony platform they develop for ?

Adva3024d ago

Lol @ EA making more money from M$.

TenSteps3024d ago


and you seem to forget how dominant the PS2 was over it's competition. Even if EA decides to go exclusive now the fact that the install base of both 360 and PS3 are quite comparable the whole Sega situation is improbable to happen.

You're going under the assumptions that all the factors that led to the demise of Sega as a hardware manufacturer are and will be present with Sony.

tehpees33023d ago

if Sony reduce the price of PS3 only a sucker would pass it up

chadwarden3023d ago

It's funny how quickly people forget that Sony has a ton of first party studios where the majority of their games come from. Losing EA would hurt Sony, but the PS3 dieing out...please.

JackBNimble3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Some one explain to me why EA would ditch 1/3 of it's revenue to leave the PS3, it makes no sence to me at all. PS3 and Xbox have pretty much the same install base, (give or take a few) wouldn't EA lose more money doing this?

EDIT: I guess it would be more like 1/4 with 3 consoles and PC. Still 25% of potential revenue from millions of costumers is huge.

radphil3023d ago

"Agree Laxman216, pretty much what EA did with Sega and the Dreamcast. People forget quickly I guess."

What the HELL are you talking about? EA didn't drive them to the ground. SEGA did that to themselves.

FishCake9T43023d ago

EA make FIFA and Madden.
Now i dont know where you come from but FIFA in England is HUGE. If EA was ever to go XBOX exclusive, thats it for the PS3, especially in Europe.

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mcsm3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

EA will never go exclusive they are bunch of bloodsuckers.

starcb263023d ago

EA makes their games for as many systems as possible.

xAlmostPro3023d ago

Articles like this are BS..

Developers know sony had a secure network, they know the hackers are to blame they also know anyone can be hacked.

Oldman1003023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Lol i guess you were one of the dozen who read it. The word you're looking for is drivel not dribble. XD


The truth is that the price of the PS3 needs to go down soon anyways... The Wii 2 is coming out and it will be better than the ps3 and xbox in graphics, online, and blockbuster exclusives. The Xbox is selling for 120 used. And the economy is very bad and will be for years... Why anyone would pay 400 for 5 year old tec and lacking online is beyond me.

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CraigGOA3024d ago

LOL mate, you don't know what you are talking about. It came from a reliable source.

jrisner3024d ago = reliable source? I've never heard of them. Could be a website you are running out of your garage for all we know and you are just making stories up.

CraigGOA3024d ago

Mate, I have been running for over 2 years now and have been running gaming sites for over 4 and a half years. has 2 "official" sponsors and has the support of publishers like EA, Namco Bandai (who supplies us with over 20 games for our 2nd birthday competition), Microsoft, Sony, Activision and Sega just to name a few. Next time if you want to comment do so when you know what you are talking about.

Max_Dissatisfaction3023d ago

Hey Craig, can jrisner come out and play? I'm asking you because you obviously now his owner after the massive OWNAGE you just put on him

awiseman3023d ago

son, if the site dont support sony, its not legit. End statement.

dktxx23024d ago

My anonymous source is telling me that Sony just bought the EA execs a few hookers and then they let bygones be bygones. You heard it here first. Stay tuned for more made up bullsh!t.

CraigGOA3024d ago

When you actually think about it, the PSN outage and all the pressure it is putting on Sony could make them drop the price of the PS3 to maintain sales in the long run.

Silly gameAr3024d ago

Or maybe they were going to drop the price this year anyway. Who knows? We can make up stories though.

TenSteps3024d ago

Maintaining sales isn't that much of a problem it seems

JackBNimble3023d ago

lol, sales have been up for the PS3 despite psn being down.

@ craig... any one can start a rumor, lol.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3022d ago

Or Sony could cut the price of the PS3 because that's the sort of thing companies do. Especially as the components that go into them get cheaper to build. Doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the Playstation Nertwork being down.

Yes I noticed... you'd think a journalist would have a spell check.

Godchild10203024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

They might lose more money by dropping the price, if the Hardware they use for the PS3 isn't cheaper than when they first came out with the slims. They were losing money on the Phats and then the slims came and that is when they started making money off of each console sold., but hey who knows other than Sony.

CraigGOA3024d ago

Yeah but the amount of money they are losing from the PSN outage through the lack of software sales and DLC sales would greatly outweigh that.

TenSteps3024d ago

Digital game spending only amounts to about 9% of where the customers spend their money across all platforms (source: IHS Screen Digest 2011) so DLC sales are growing but not to the point that it would force Sony to drop the price as hardware costs more to make than software it is more plausible that Sony would maintain the price of the PS3 and just holding their ground despite lack of digital sales.

I don't think Sony would drop the PS3 price because as in the link in my first comment, without any sign of the hardware failing in sales don't expect a price drop.

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