Steam needs saving - Cthulu answers the call

Cthulhu Saves the World has been approved for release on Steam by Valve, and Zeboyd Games is looking to deliver the enhanced port of its sarcastic, retro RPG by the end of the month for $3. Although there is no Steamworks integration planned at this point, developer Robert Boyd said that he is looking into arranging a preorder bonus for Steam users.

For the dozen or so PC gamers who don’t sing Steam’s praises at every opportunity, Zeboyd Games plans to make the game available on other marketplaces such as Impulse, Gamersgate and Desura. The enhanced port contains a new bestiary mode, 2 new dungeons, new playable characters, rebalanced gameplay and a Director’s Commentary mode. That’s an impressive array of new features, but when you call your game Cthulhu Saves the World: Super Hyper Enhanced Championship Edition Alpha Diamond DX Plus Alpha FES HD – Premium Enhanced Game of the Year Collector’s Edition (without Avatars!), it had better be pretty darned good. Zeboyd Games will also release a free update with the new content around the time of the PC version’s release for those who already purchased the game on XBLIG.

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