L.A. Noire – A Big Game with Small Mandatory Install Size

With L.A. Noire releasing in less than a week, a lot gamers who are picking up the game on the PS3 are wondering if L.A. Noire will have a big install like GTA IV.

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MattyF3025d ago

Expected the usual 5GB installation but sub-2GB is a nice surprise.

ilikestuff3025d ago ShowReplies(1)
units3025d ago

people said disc swapping was bad

M-Easy3025d ago

Disc swapping isn't bad, its terrible.

NukaCola3025d ago

I would assume that this is 2011 and since it's lead on PS3, there will be minimal to zero install. Portal 2 has no install and it's the smoothest and best on console.

HolyOrangeCows3025d ago

Disc swapping an open world game is terrible.

They said that if you play it in order, you'll only have to switch twice....but isn't the whole point of an open world game to NOT be restricted?

jack_burt0n3025d ago

Disc swapping and complete installs are craptastic.

Nitrowolf23025d ago

yeah 1.3 GB is sooooooooooo bad. That takes what like 5 minutes just to install?

sickbird3025d ago

i've got a 500gb HD so im not sweating it.

DigitalRaptor3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Disc swapping IS bad in this day and age.

Installs are a normal thing even on PC games. Mandatory installs are a somewhat necessary evil.

But hey Units, at least the PS3 install is a one-off ~5 mins wait... FOREVER... until you delete the game data. The disc swapping will happen on multiple occasions. Aaah these 360 fanboys are so short-sighted! Makes me laugh.

montyburns0003025d ago

unlike StarOcean4 this game doesn't make you swap discs if you want to go back to a previous area, it's linear, you only have to put two extra discs in for the 30+ hours of the game. I guarantee that 5min install will take longer than walking up to your box and popping another disc in twice.

it really is the dumbest argument ps3fanoys have. don't you have to get up and swap discs when you play multiple games on your ps3 or do you keep that one game in your system for weeks until your done wit it?

shit I know that's what i do when i swap back and forth between GoWcollection and 3dotgameheros.

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Jonah_Reese3025d ago

All awesome, No Online required. :) Win/win

josephayal3025d ago

3 Discs for $60 Sounds like a good deal to me

blumatt3025d ago

It's STILL only one game, though. For me, I like having just one scratch-resistant disc and not have to swap. ahh, I have fond memories of the ancient technique of disc-swapping from back in the PS1 days when I used to play Final Fantasy 8.

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The story is too old to be commented.