Complex - 5 Things You're Gonna Love About "The Darkness II"

Complex - From the stylized new look to the over-the-top ultraviolence, here's what got our blood pumping the fastest.

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gersh3023d ago

I had no idea they were changing to cel shaded graphics. Oh well, still want.

RumbleFish3022d ago

I find this a smart move. It's closer to the graphic novel and easier to achieve a consistent framerate.
I loved the first game but didn't like the performance so much.

sonicsidewinder3022d ago

no more Kirk Acevado. dayum.

mananimal3022d ago

This game is not gonna be that good, if at all, No Starbreeze means no "Good Game",, same thing happened to Crackdown series, same thing happened to Knights of the Old Republic series(KOTOR), new developer comes in, game is NOT THE SAME QUALITY as Original. Why even waste the $$$ to make it, if the original developers arent on board with their vision of the game. It was "Starbreeze's vision for this game, that got me hooked,on the Original. the new guy's naturally WILL NOT HAVE THE SAME "VISION" for the Sequel, DONT have the same style in developing, and aren't using the same "Graphical Engine", which to me is a BIG LET DOWN. What i've noticed , in these last Generation of games being produced, is a Lean towards a more "Cell Shaded" version of Cell Shading, in the Graphical area, this is a "Trick" by the Industry, and a negative for this game. I dont like this graphical cell shaded like look, its a step back in the graphics, so "NO Soup For YOU!!"