GameInformer - Brink Review: A Multiplayer Shooter Suffering An Identity Crisis

GameInformer - Brink is not a bad game. If Splash Damage can stabilize the performance and fix some glaring omissions (like a pre-game lobby) with a patch, I’d gladly spend more time with it. But with only eight multiplayer maps, 20 progression levels, no clan support, and average gunplay, it’s not a good value proposition. Especially considering many Xbox Live games offer a similar amount of content for a fraction of the price.

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ps3alldayeveryday3026d ago

Eh, to each their own i guess...I like the game a lot.

Eiffel3026d ago

I really want to like it, but this lag is killing me. I'm tired of playing with stupid friendly ai against smart enemy ai.

ps3alldayeveryday3026d ago

Well I have it for the PS3, so i can't play online yet. Hopefully they do fix the lag by the time psn is back up

Elimin83026d ago

Whoa! Another low blow incoming...

Redgehammer3026d ago

Minus the lag, and I have had some brutally rewarding sessions with such a deceptive, and vicious, enemy to engage. I have suffered so many unsuccessful missions today, that &^%@$ *!%$# &#(&^(# have become my mantra. However its a digital crucible, that I really enjoy playing.

CtrlAltDel3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Save your money! Buy Section 8. PC or 360. PS3 -only heads should consider themselves lucky PSN is down cause more people would've bought this broken-out-the-box, 1st day patch-doesn't help, game.

I know I could've saved my $60 for the tittie bar this weekend.

Morbius4203025d ago

Just withdraw more funds from the snatchbank :D

DevilishSix3026d ago

There is no excuse for these issues. This game was delayed multiple times and announced 3 years ago. It has bad AI, only 8 maps, sp is a joke, horrible lag, bad graphics, no lobby system, explosions are like little farts, the parkour movement system is a letdown, the gunplay is not satisfying. This game should not have been released in this state and I predict after first week sales it will tank.

Redgehammer3025d ago

I don't think we are playing the same game.