LA Noire: A Rockstar Title of Ambivalent Approach

Gaming Irresponsibly's Alex Spinelli writes: "The story is taking some huge inspiration from the days of the Black Dhalia murder, which I personally love. My question is, with such a troubling unsolved case as a part of the back story, how will the plot progress? Handling that mystery seems as if it would stunt the character development of the protagonist, considering how there was no closure to the event. Rockstar hasn’t failed in the past though, so I’m sure they won’t be pulling any punches."

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xVeZx3020d ago

cant wait for this....i was skeptical at first but then i thought this is kind of like a puzzle game and i love puzzle games

showtimefolks3020d ago

every case in this game will be a puzzle but poart of playing games is its suppose to be fun like how portal 2 is hard yet its a lot of fun too

i hope team bondi and rockstar can hit a sweet spot in la:n's investigation areas

NukaCola3020d ago

I am huge a huge fan of DS games like Hotel Dusk, Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney, and Professor Layton. Puzzling adventure games are something I really love, so I am 150% getting this game.

Oh and if you do own a DS, get Hotel Dusk: Room 217. It is a Noir game in the fasion of Heavy Rain/Trace Memory. Tons of puzzles to solve around a mystery set in the 70s. It's classic as hell and totally awesome.

CoD5113020d ago

This is basically bashing LA Noire for not being like GTA...? :/