Modern Warfare 3 Wishlist

With rumours going wild over the soon-to-be announced Modern Warfare 3, what would you like to see in the game? Below are some items I would love to see included, what would you like?

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Call_me_Ishmael3024d ago

and here we go,the cod article flood gates of this year are open

GLoRyKnoT3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

indeed were screwed!

Put guns in it, release it & ill buy it. (what i do) thanx

Bear_Grylls3023d ago Show
BeAGamer3023d ago

dedicated servers for consoles!

shiner3023d ago

My wish list is short and sweet.

1. I wish it would go away.

Yangus3023d ago

I say,this game biggest selling this year!

Millions,many millions!!


Bear_Grylls3023d ago Show
CrimsonEngage3023d ago

As much as i hate call of duty the following would bring me back to this series:

Dedicated servers on consoles
Bigger maps
Bullet drop
higher player count
Ragdolls (this is 2011, who uses death animations?)
It should be titled "Future Warfare" and it should have Alien style pulse rifles.

If you want to compete with BF3 then these are a must. Otherwise get the fuck out.

tmoss7263023d ago

So basically you want BF3?

CrimsonEngage3023d ago

Battlefield 3 lacks the Pulse Rifles and plasma grenades. BF3 also had destruction. :3

tmoss7263022d ago

BF3 has huge maps, bullet drop, vehicles, fairly large player count, and rag dolls.

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