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I was surprised when I heard that a new Fast & Furious movie was being released. I was even more surprised to find that I actually really enjoyed it! The story, action and characters were all fantastic, and overall the movie was much better than previous instalments in the series. Coinciding with the film, Gameloft have released Fast 5 – The Game for Android and iOS. But is it as entertaining as past titles, or has the series simply run out of fuel?

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swishersweets200313026d ago

the movie was boring. nothing fast or furious about it. Bet the games just as bad.

TXIDarkAvenger3026d ago

Very true.

The first two were the best. Fast Five barely had any street racing or racing in general. It felt like there was too much action and missed the good stuff of the previous movies.

swishersweets200313026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

tokyo drift wasnt so bad either. For me these movies kinda became paint by numbers. Cars do 10 min race, guy has complications, girl is involved, alot of talking and bad acting, final race at the end.. guy gets girl .. the end.
My favs 2 fast 2 furious, i made the skyline in that movie in nfs carbon.

the newer movie part 4 and 5 miss the point of the movies are about street racing, they turned into a never ending soap opera with dead people coming back to life.