Brink Matchmaking - Gamer Rage

Tano is super excited to finally play Brink, until he tries to get online. Gamer Rage is sure to follow.

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sickbird3020d ago

getting in games isn't the problem, its when you get in shit hits the fan.

hellerphant3020d ago

That may be true but the whole time we tried to review the game we were only able to get into a handful of matches.

Then as you said, shit hit the fan once we were in the game so it was a bad event!

sickbird3020d ago

Yea its a pain in the ass, but on the rare occasion you get a lag free game it can be a blast.

dragunrising3020d ago

It blows my mind that there wasn't more quality assurance/testing before release.

If early adopters of Brink buy the game and hate it, chances are they won't recommend it to friends and further increase sales.

It would seem common sense, however, for some reason many publishers don't get it. Why not publish a more polished game and increase critical reception and mind share? I for one was excited for this game before all the reviews. What a waste for a game with so much potential...

hellerphant3020d ago

To be honest I'm really keen to check it out on PC however I refuse to pay $90 on STEAM for it. Australian game pricing is HORRIBLE!

peowpeow3020d ago

Only some publishers do it :S

Eiffel3020d ago

I managed to stay lag free for almost a full match, that's my current personal record right now with Brink.

In all seriousness, I'm pretty disappointed.

CatGlue3020d ago

Does everyone have issues with Brink? I actually really wanted to play this.

Ducky3020d ago

Depends on the platform.

360 has online issues (which some are experiencing more than others)
PS3's online is unknown for now, but might also have those issues.
PC runs perfectly as long as you have an nVidia card. There also is an issue with sound going mute on one of the maps.

CatGlue3020d ago

Thanks, i really looked forward to it, sounded like such a great idea, but have to reconsider it now coz the online issues.

hellerphant3020d ago

Completely agree with FatOldMan. We reviewed the 360 version and had NOTHING but problems. The PSN is down so no one can vouch for the PS3 version yet. The PC uses dedicated servers, so that should hopefully eliminate the issues that console gamers are stuck with.

jessupj3020d ago

And that's why I generally stay well away from P2P multiplayer.

hellerphant3020d ago

The PC version has dedicated servers and they aren't experiencing issues that the 360 gamers are.

Devs really need to work out a way to have dedicated servers for console games. It's just not reliable enough to have P2P multiplayer IMO.