IGN - Road to E3 2011: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

IGN - We've seen Uncharted 3 a few times now, so we've got a lot of info already. Naughty Dog isn't content with just making another Uncharted game, they're pulling out all the stops for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

The game's plot revolves around the Atlantis of the Sands - a mythical trade post in Arabia that's supposedly filled with riches but has been swallowed up by the desert. Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan are searching for it, but so is the villainous Katherine Marlowe, leader of a 400-year-old cabal.

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Acquiescence3022d ago

which game is going to steal the show.

Double_Oh_Snap3022d ago

Agent lol it might if it's there but yeah can't wait to see more uncharted 3.

Inception3022d ago

lol IGN
after a plethora of "PSN / Sony doomed" article, now they just decide to made this article for hits from PS3 fans
sorry IGN, you still on my black-list ^^

btw, UC 3 will rock this year
and it will rock hard!

Kurt Russell3022d ago

IGN aren't out to get you... they don't even know who you are, nor do they care.

Inception3022d ago

lol, then why you act like IGN PR?

if they don't care / know about me than it's the same for me about their site :P

Kurt Russell3022d ago

That's the thing, it's not. You know of them... you speak of them and you boycott them. They however are none the wiser to you doing this :)

KonaBro3022d ago

to you defending them. Stop trolling.

-IronMan-3022d ago

IGN u still on my craplist. Cant spell ignorance without IGN.

So many great exclusives only on PS3.

Bubbles please if u agree. >_>

Vojkan3022d ago

Guy with one bubble talks about ignorance...