The Darkness II Preview - AusGamers

AusGamers has an Australian exclusive preview of The Darkness II up after a recent visit out to Digital Extremes and writes:

"Over the course of our day out at Digital Extremes’ studio in London, Ontario (Canada), the guys working on the game made a massive effort to express their love of the first Starbreeze-developed effort but also suggested their bigger inspiration came from the game’s source material, The Darkness comics..."

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Omar913020d ago

idk... im not feeling the art design in this one. i loved the darkness... the graphics during that time were some of the best graphics i've seen. i loved everything about it (especially watching actual tv shows) but now it seems to cartoonish. and yes i know what they are trying to do, i know this is based on a comic book but idk... thats just me.

billythepunk3020d ago

I hear ya Omar91, but it's really hard to explain that it actually works in screenshots, because it does look very colourful in them, but in motion it's actually pretty dark and gloomy like the first game... I'm optimistic about it