IGN - PSN Down: Make Your Own Apology

IGN - The PSN has been down for more than three weeks, and we here at IGN are starting to go stir crazy. We can't sync Trophies, we can't play Portal 2 co-op, and we can't find bare-breast anime on the PlayStation Store. It's enough to bring us to tears, but we thought we'd have a laugh instead.

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MmaFan-Qc3026d ago

who seriously give a shit about IGN?

LOGICWINS3026d ago

^^Apparently u since u bothered to comment

kagon013026d ago

^ Did he gave hits to the site?

ilikestuff3026d ago

logicwins winning with logic!

and on a side note, found a pube in a brand new pair of boxers i bought. should i send it to the lab for dna testing?

undercovrr3026d ago

Careful what you say, the majority of people on this site can't take a joke


Of course people can take a joke but when something like this is published from IGN, its not a joke since they just troll ps3.

starcb263026d ago

Can IGN stop with the PSN articles?

Rageanitus3026d ago

They will not.... after all they have market incentives with MS.... just look at how IGN advertises the insider xbox on live..... enuff said about that

Dante1123026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

True, also I wonder if MS follows Facebook practices...

Edit: They actually hired a couple of PR groups to spout nothing but false and negative things about Google over the web. Sounds similar to something that happen on neogaf concerning an certian employee trolling GT5 in the forums who got caught back then.

JD_Shadow3026d ago

And if IGN wasn't "bashing" Sony about it and saying the same thing people like you probably say when viewing articles like this...?

Infernostew3026d ago

I heard the Enquirer are scouting IGN for writers. Please IGN, clear house.

Venom2153026d ago

that was funny lmfao...

Hockeydud193026d ago

So..many..Psn...hate..articles ..

undercovrr3026d ago


Hockeydud193026d ago

I can take a joke. But if you haven't noticed every other article has to do with Sony

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The story is too old to be commented.