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Warprincess1163022d ago

lol people still play Everquest.

ftwrthtx3022d ago

SOE seems to think so. LOL They have I, II, and III covered.

rob200903022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Wow, talk about ignorant. A ton of people play EverQuest.

therapist3022d ago

it's leagues better than any console mmo, lol.

just like most pc games!!

dragon823022d ago

That's fine. Doesn't stop me from enjoying DC Universe Online on my PS3.

TerminalGamer3022d ago

The patience of gamers seems to be paying off. Not only should we all hjave a safer environment for our personal data, but we'll also get free stuff.

ftwrthtx3022d ago

Hopefully they'll make the system much harder to hack, but there's no such thing as hack free. Too many hackers out there with too much time on their hands.

Emilio_Estevez3022d ago

Everyone loves free stuff, def a "make good" plan here. Seems like their going all out.

ftwrthtx3022d ago

They need to do something to make their customers feel better. This program should go a long ways towards that end.

awi59513022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

What about the people who credit cards they still charged for mmos when it was down. Shouldnt they get two months of game time since sony already charged them for one.

dragon823022d ago

Sony already said you will get all time lost added onto your subscription. This is ontop of the "free" month.

If they had stopped billing then everyone would have to sign up again and it would just cause too many problems. The smartest thing to do was keep billing and tack that time on to the end of the subscription.

IPUMPMYGUN3022d ago ShowReplies(1)
ZBlacktt3022d ago

Wonder about us with extra MAG player's, lol. :/ Just saying...

ZBlacktt3022d ago Show
Christopher3022d ago

MAG isn't a part of SOE, but it's likely you'll get the same 30 days free plus extension for each day down as well.

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