From Dust Art Direction Developer Diary HD

Gaze upon the beaty of the world created for From Dust in this developer diary dedicated to the art direction of the upcoming game.

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ManOnFire3020d ago

This looks like a game that might be very interesting to play. A cross between my villigers and B&W ?

captain-obvious3020d ago

keeping an eye on this game
lets hope ubisoft dont fuck it up

Croash3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

The man behind this game is Eric Chahi, if he brought us Another World/Out of this World back in the 90's, I'm sure he won't fuck this game up, no matter how involved he is with Ubisoft.

Well I hope I'm right, because I can't say the same about Frédérick Raynal. The guy created the Survival Horror genre with Alone in the Dark and brought us Battle Tag last year.
Battle Tag...What the?

JBaby3433019d ago

This and Journey from That Game Company are my most anticipated PSN games this year.

I hope for this game they give a replay function to see all that you do happen as one movie with being able to switch camera angles.