StarHawk: Analysis of Leaked First Images


"WarHawk was one of the first big PlayStation 3 exclusives, releasing the summer after the console got into public hands.

"It sucked me in as soon as I first played it, whiling the hours away to create one of the most entertaining summers (and the subsequent school year) of all time.

"Dylan Jobe and his team behind the title have been hard at work on StarHawk, an “unannounced” title. We know it’s in development, but that’s about it. They haven’t shown off anything for fear of it not being good enough… and so we waited.

"Until now."

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Proeliator3024d ago

This really is a great article. Caught a bunch of stuff I didn't see at first glance!

The title really has me excited, and looks to breathe life into the somewhat bland modern multiplayer market.

flankhim3024d ago

Well said. Get some fresh somewhat new action.

BitbyDeath3024d ago

I hope the mines make a comeback.

dinkeldinkse3024d ago

A great way to rack up kills if the same couple of idiots keep getting into planes.

gaminoz3024d ago

This reminds me a bit of early Halo...and that's a good thing. The vehicle looks like it'll be good fun!

KingDustero3024d ago

The big difference is that Warhawk and Starhawk are on a MUCH bigger scale than Halo ever has been on before. Plus air-combat is much more prominent in Warhawk/Starhawk.

When I first saw the mechs I thought they were new Warhawks as well since it is quite obvious they have wings on them.

Anyways I can't wait to see gameplay later today. This game is going to be AMAZING. I really do hope it comes out in July/August.

XboxOZ3603024d ago

Most game publishers allow a 4-6 month lead time before release from when they first 'officially' announce the release date. Allowing time for a proper marketing plan to be run across most mediums, such as mags and print media, which have a 6 week lead up to shipping dates.

So an immediate or early release is highly unlikely, perhaps an early Christmas release?

KingDustero3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )


Why would Sony not try and see how well a game sells by revealing it and releasing it two months later? Apple always announces their stuff and has it release not to long after that.

There has already been a LOT of hype about Starhawk without it even being official yet.

It would be much easier to have a month or so of really good marketing to get people hyped for a game and keep them hyped until release than to spread stuff out over a longer period of time in which other games will come out that might draw attention away if they come out sooner.

I'm willing to bet anything Starhawk will launch in August. There is no reason at all why they would hold it until 2011 and there isn't any time after August to release it without competing with one of their other exclusives.

XboxOZ3603024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

if you know anything about marketing, that is, getting it out in the printed media, as well as the net, mags take at least 6-8 wks lead-up time before deadline, then 3 weeks after that for sendig off for printing, then arrival on the shelves.

The next editions of all the mags do not have the game mentioned - featured. and while you and several thousand ppl might know of the game, the MILLIONS needed to turn a profit need to see it in both printed and net media.

It most likely will be a 2011 release, but not until the 3rd quarter of 2011 Fall, leading into Winter.

Sony do not worry so much about competing exclusives, and the only major exclusive for MS is Gear, which ships September, not Oct -Dec. Which is its usual shipping period, notably November in all but this iteration.

When a marketing company is spending 10-20 million in getting a game out there (which is the 'average' budget for AAA title games these days, on top of the build costs of a game), they want to cover as many bases as possible, to ensure as many ppl as possible get to see, hear, read and know of the product, to ensure a bumper day-one sale, seeing that a game only has a 2 week window of opportunity for bulk sales, relying in the first 5 days to turn a profit.

Just check any marketing on any game and you'll see the same or similar stratergy.

While you and I might WANT it, as we live in an 'instant gratification era', the facts remain, these ppl, even if it is Sony's in-house development studio, still rely on selling as much product as possible. Otherwise, they do not achieve their basic aim, to satisfy their shareholders, return a sku sale number, and ideally turn a profit on the game.

What you and I, and many younger gamers these days, might want, is not what you get. Remembering, we do not dictate how and when a game is sold, or if it is finished and sold.

SmokingMonkey3024d ago

I hope they bring more sharpshooter support for games, doesn't have to be for Starhawk, if that's whats shown tonight.

But sharpshooter for R3 is good and hopefully for Battlefield 3 and others

supremacy3024d ago

Bro move and 3D have already been confirmed for resistance3

supremacy3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

How can anyone ever leave Sony if they keep investing where it matters most?

Look we still yet to hear about what exactly is Cambridge is working on next.

Or Guerrilla and Santa Monica at that.

And we've yet to get any solid details on agent. But anyhow, add this to the collection of exclusives bin.

Also can't for the NGP.

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