SFX-360: Dance Dance Revolution (Xbox 360) Review


When I happen to think of Dance Dance Revolution I think of the original title such as Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3, which is a game I first played on the Original Xbox. After playing that title I became hooked to the series and I’ve kept an eye on each version since. Now it’s 2011 and a newly released version for the series is out and features many new bands like Lady Gaga, Paramore, and classic bands like The B-52's, Bananarama.

Now you must be wondering if Konami kept up with the upbeat Japanese tracks and long set list to play. Is this new copy of Dance Dance Revolution worth the price since the series has gone on for years? Does using a dance mat instead using the kinect offer more fun for a casual gamer? I’m here to give you some good reasons if the game is good or if the game isn't worth your time to purchase.

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256bit3026d ago

5th mix is still best in the series. anything else released after 5th mix is considered garbage.

CernaML3026d ago

Wait what? Is this a port of the PS3 version? Guh... that game was absolute garbage. DDR is dead. Even the latest arcade release is a massive disappointment.

H2OAcidic3024d ago

Honestly I with Konami would go back to the old tracks. Many of the songs listed in those versions were fun to play and waste a massive amount of hours. I still go back to those versions sometimes when friends happen to come over.