SEGA Japan hinting at more SEGA Saturn ports?

SEGAbits: "Look closely at the Japanese Guardian Heroes website url. Notice how it starts with a 'SS', what could this stand for? The obvious? SEGA Saturn. Why would they format a URL like that for a one off title?"

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Abash3022d ago

Give us NiGHTS Sega, please

Prototype3022d ago

and Panzer Dragoon
and Shining Force 3
and Fighters Megamix

kyl2773022d ago

Just give us a damn emulator and fire it on steam with access to isos.

LegendarySins3022d ago

Saturn had some great games I think it was a much underrated system. Sega Rally for its time was just incredible, would love to see it on live or psn. Does anyone remember exhumed?

jay23022d ago

Yeah, could very well be exciting stuff :).

Allowen3022d ago

Sega, please, Do announce Guardian Heroes to the PS3 as well !
Come on !

Guardian Heroes was not just one of the best Sega Saturn games but was also one of the best action games of that 32 Bit era.

I had that amazing adapter and I could play GH with 6 players total for an unforgedable moments :)

The GH remake that was announced for the Xbox360 has the multiplayer up to 11 players. But I am not sure how many can play it coop offline.

At that time the game with most players coop offline were avaiable on the N64 with 4 ppl split screen.
Sega Saturn had up to 6 with GH :)

And some people think that Saturn sucked .... haha. gimme a break.

Prototype3022d ago

I remember having the disc version of GH and paying $50 for it in 2009 (due to financial reasons I had to sell it soon after :( and I miss it) but its definitely one of the funnest beat em ups I've played.

That jp only Final Fight wouldn't hurt either to get

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The story is too old to be commented.