Star Fox 64 3D: Is Nintendo sending mixed messages?

VGW: Nintendo has made it very clear in their campaign, both pre-release and post-release, that the 3DS is designed to be a very social system. It’s easier than ever to interact with other gamers, either through StreetPass or online play. They’ve even worked with AT&T to get access to 10,000 WiFi hotspots so players can access the internet and easily get in touch with other players around the country or world. With the excellent multiplayer of Starfox 64 that’s just begging to have online support, is Nintendo sending a mixed message to consumers by not including online play?

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TruthbeTold3019d ago

To be completely honest, when I heard this morning that there is no online, I was irritated. I just don't know why they do this...

Midori3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I can respect that they don't want to change their classic games so much that they become radically different and lose sight of what the original was like.

But how would it harm the game to add a completely optional feature? If the DS could handle (relatively speaking) Star Fox Command online, why wouldn't the 3DS be able to handle a reworked game that's 14 years old? It's not like they don't have enough space on the game card to work with if their priority is souping up the graphics.

I personally don't mind, but I know some people were expecting it. I foresee a bit of grumbling...

Dr-Zoidberg3019d ago

This what annoys me about Nintendo sometimes, they talk all this hype and fail to deliver to utilize the features. The Wii has an atrocious store online, not to mention online gaming is just rubbish, they never released the option to play dvds on the Wii. The 3DS has a lot of good ideas but I can see 3rd party developers tapping into it more.