Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Delay A Smart Move By Ubi "We haven't heard all that much about Ghost Recon: Future Soldier since the last time it got delayed sometime last year. There's no doubt that fans of the series are rather pissed off at the moment, but perhaps we should cut Ubi some slack. From what has been shown, it looks like a very promising premise and more time means more polish. Not to mention, Ghost Recon wasn't really a hit with the mainstream crowd, unlike Call of Duty, but that's just how the game should be. In any case, if Ubi were to release the game during the holiday season this year, not only would it get ripped to shreds from the competition, but it's quite likely that everyone, save for the hardcore, will give the game a pass."

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Joni-Ice3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Yes it is. I believe a developer should delay a game rather than rush it to the market just to have glitches and water down graphics and gameplay. Take your time with my baby. It would be well worth the wait.

mephman3021d ago

I agree, GRAW/2 were surprising titles - they need a worthy successor.

Hardedge3021d ago

Totally agree with you, I would rather they take the time and make it as best as it can be.

ShawnCollier3021d ago

Considering titles like CoD that keep getting pushed out each year but do nothing to expand the genre, I'd agree with you.

IcarusOne3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I can't wait for this game, but I'm glad they're delaying. I also hope theres a Rainbox Six sequel/reboot on the horizon. These are my two favorite shooters. You could cancel all others - KZ, COD, Gears (not Battlefield though) - and I probably wouldn't even care so long as GRAW and R6 were kept alive.

Guess I have a Tom Clancy boner. Which is weird, because he's so old and wrinkley.

Sanrin3021d ago

It's nice to see a game getting delayed for good reason.

Hardedge3021d ago

I haven't played a good Ghost Recon game in a long time. The portable ones were jokes.

Joni-Ice3021d ago

I almost bought the PSP game. So glad I didn't

LOLconsoles3021d ago

If this game was an exclusive for either of the consoles we'd have 4 to 5 articles with a headline that read something like : "<Insert game here> has been delayed, is <Insert studio here> not confident in the quality of their game?"

Tdmd3021d ago

"It's a slow, thrilling affair of moving your squad to your objective without being noticed by the enemy. This aspect of the series alone can easily put off many gamers who prefer the more mainstream action games like Call of Duty."

That's precisely what made me fall in love with it last gen!

SuperLupe3021d ago

This was one of the games that wowed me the most at last years E3.

Hockeydud193021d ago

Really want this game haha. Looked amazing at E3.

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