Ubisoft Compliments Nintendo’s Project Café

Great Gaming Crusade: "Ubisoft has some nice things to say about the successor to Nintendo’s Wii console.Eurogamer has a report from Ubisoft’s investor call which occurred today on Nintendo’s next home console. They basically have high hopes for the system and believe porting games to it from Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360, will be easy."

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Sadie21003023d ago

That kinda makes it sound like Nintendo's just now catching up to Sony and MS!

wampdog293023d ago

Well, I mean, they kinf of were behind in terms of horsepower this gen, so yeah, they would have to catch up. However, Project Cafe will probably surpass the current competition. Obviously, this will leave it behind with Sony and MS's next consoles.

I don't think the gap will be anywhere near as bad as it was this gen, however.