History, Culture, and All Your Base Belong to Us

Bitmob writes "Video games have been with us for over 50 years. While home consoles are still a relatively youthful invention, the creation and development of gaming traces its roots back to the 1950s. I sat down with Harold Goldberg, author of All Your Base Are Belong to Us: How 50 Years of Video Games Conquered Pop Culture, to discuss his new book and his views on adapting it to cultural and historical studies on an academic level."

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Caligula3020d ago

This is a really fantastic read. The RockStar chapter was very enlightening.

SybaRat3020d ago

I'm very interested in picking this book up...great interview!

rod_furlong3020d ago

Did they *have* to go with the All Your Base?

Sadie21003020d ago

Haha, I was thinking the same thing.

choadley3020d ago

Nice to see questions about studying game history at college campuses.