How to survive multiplayer trash-talk

Bitmob writes "Everything I've learned about trash-talking in games, I learned from my best friend Troy. You see Troy is a guy who not only specializes in starting trash talk, he's also excellent at shutting it down. He possesses a rare gift -- be it through text or chat -- to command the secondary battlefield of words."

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OC_MurphysLaw3025d ago

The short and easy answer to this articles question is "Don't suck"

clintos593025d ago

The way to shut the mouth of a trash talker? Simple, destroy him online in whatever game your playing him on, & trust me, he will shut up. Unless he sucks azz and is just a sh1t talker then u go to option b. Mute button lol.

CobraKai3025d ago

I always mute. I'd rather just not hear people when playing.

SybaRat3025d ago

I've done the gay response one many a time. It's too funny how fast they shut down.

illegalyouth3025d ago

Just play with people you know. Problem solved.