April NPD Report

2011 hasn't looked so good from the retail sales perspective, but finally in April, the U.S. game industry saw a nice year-over-year gain as total sales climbed 20% to $961.2 million. Software sales in particular were very strong, jumping 26% to $503.2 million, while hardware rose 12% to $279.9 million. Accessories were also up 20% to $147.6 million.

April sales were driven by two key titles: Warner Bros' new Mortal Kombat and Valve's Portal 2.

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donniebaseball3027d ago

Hooray for Portal Kombat! Seriously, though, it shows some nice diversity of top selling core titles driving the industry.

Fallouts3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

its called blocking.. go play some super arcade street fighter double hyper 4..

wheres the arcade? achievement unlocked... lol sf is so last gen.

finished him! *johny cage- oscar*...

Phantasm3027d ago

Black Ops at #4 and Crysis 2 below it... I don't know what to say.

RockmanII73027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

1 - Does this include Steam downloads, because I can't accept that Mortal Kombat sold more than Portal 2.

2 - Two ubisoft dancing games in the top ten = new dancing game at E3, my money would be on Dancing with the Stars: The Video Game.

3 - Where's SOCOM 4? I expected it to at least be in the Top 10.


#1 - No, physical distribution only.

#3 - Apparently according to Neogaf if the SOCOM 4 accessory bundle sales would have been merged with SOCOM 4 sales it would have been in the top 10.