CVG - Ridge Racer Unbounded: Unbelievable or Unrecognisable?

CVG - Ridge Racer Unbounded doesn't look a whole lot like Ridge Racer. Gritty urban streets and crunchy collisions replace lens flare-clad coast lines and thumping techno, as Bugbear - developer of the acclaimed Flatout series - attempt to spawn a parallel path for the veteran franchise, much like EA has achieved multiple times with its constantly reinvented Need for Speed.

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NobleGamer3022d ago

Looks pretty good though. Seems like Burnout....Or what the next Burnout suppose to be...wonder what happen and where did that great francise dissapear to..Oh wait some lame sounding arcade game. Burnout Crash or somthing.

rockleex3022d ago

I want a sequel to Ridge Racer Type 4. The style it had, the way the drifting handles, the scenery, the story mode, everything revamped to next gen!

Not a Burnout/NFS copycat.

ProjectVulcan3022d ago

A true sequel to Ridge 4 would be wonderful. The story mode and the track variety was superb, the music utterly atmospheric.

InLaLaLand3022d ago

The soundtrack will be phenomenal, Namco have a great sound team. The PSP Ridge Racer had excellent tracks.