PlayStation Plus: Premium Experience or Restrictive Service?

"When PlayStation Plus launched during the summer of 2010, the gaming industry was left curious as to how the service would evolve throughout its lifespan. The service has been out for nearly a year now and has supplied a great amount of content along with cloud storage for storing your precious game saves. While many of us may feel like Sony has justified the $50 annual charge of PlayStation Plus, has the addition of this program held back those who have yet to subscribe?"

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Nick2120043024d ago

While I am a proud member of PlayStation Plus, I do wonder if the early demos and betas would have been ready at the same time if PlayStation Plus was not in effect. What do you guys think?

HeavenlySnipes3024d ago

its just that PS+ gets them early and normal users get them locked until Sony decides to let them go public. Thats far from the best part. Discounts on everything almost, themes, avatars (I have about 3 something left in my PSN wallet, and can't buy anything I what because of taxes. If I had PS+ I could finally use that small change left), the free games (some say that you don't get to keep them so they are a ripoff, but you get the for as long as you have PS+. I don't think it takes longer than 3 months to finish a PSN game.) and stuff like the MAg demo that allows you to play for free up to level 8 cap.

Oh and cloud storage and my most wanted feature, automatic updates.

darthv723024d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Basically, I see plus as a discount membership like Costco. You get the same games and content as anyone else but you get it for less or sometimes sooner. Not that big a differentiator if you really look at it.

Unlike live where you know those who pay are different than those who dont (online play). Plus should be more stand out-ish in that respect. I have long believed that sony would (at some point) leverage the notion of Plus to make people have to buy in to enjoy PSN to its fullest.

By that I am talking about members only home spaces or bonus tracks and maps NOT available to everyone. Just "PLUS" members. Things like that make you feel above the rest because you belong to an exclusive club (so to speak). A club that you have to pay to play.

Yet so far what is available to plus members becomes available to all with a little patience. Like the whole Warner Bros Blockbuster exclusive releases that netflix and redbox members have to wait 28 days for. It sucks that we have to wait but you know still comes out.

Cloud storage is but the first in a line of many things that will tip the advantage of being a member over being a free loader. In fact, it wouldnt surprise me if sony took some of the lesser known free things and rebranded them for plus only members. Making them seem more attractive now that you are paying for the service.

The benefit of plus just isnt there yet. We know there was a reason sony had to start off free in the beginning but that time has passed and they know people will pay. I will remain free until that time when there is no other option. I dont have that choice in live which is why i pay and it makes me feel better than those who dont. As strange as that may sound.....there is something different you feel when you are a paid member of something. It gives you a sense of substance no one else can enjoy.

One day day I will pay to play like others but now is not that day.

jack_burt0n3023d ago

darthv joining in Dec last year the membership paid for itself 2x over in a month plus cloud saves, betas, demos and 8 odd dynamic themes.

its not a tough sell whatsoever.

jsslifelike3024d ago

Cloud Storage was what pushed me over the edge. I had been contemplating it for quite a while as I spend huge amounts of time on the PSN. If I used XBL as much, I probably wouldn't have let it lapse.

Nick2120043024d ago

I agree that it is definitely nice to see Sony add features to the service as well rather than just content!

Neo Nugget3024d ago

Auto-download and cloud saves are the best parts of plus, imo.

madpuppy3024d ago

yeah, what's cool about the cloud saves for me is I can play a game in my theater room and then transfer the save game to my bedroom PS3 and play it there too.

good stuff.

Aussiegamer3024d ago

Lucky bastard wish I had a theater room, have always wanted one. Dont have the money dammit.

And I am a happy ps+ member cloud saves was the thing the saved me from cancelling my sub. And also killzone 3 closed beta was awesome.

madpuppy3023d ago

hey, man if you weren't 28hrs and multiple plane flights from my house I would invite you over to play some killzone.

The_KELRaTH3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I too went with Plus due to Cloud storage but without Plus I have to wonder if Sony would have given it out for free as a final solution with regards warranty replacements rather than repairs.

I've had 2 PS3's have a blue-ray failure and both had protected data which I had too loose with the result it ruined the games I was playing as I had no interest to replay them from the beginning again.

flyingmunky3024d ago

I just don't download enough of the little 10 dollar games to make it worth my time. I will be interested to try it out for free however. If I really like my free month I may sub up.

Dojan1233024d ago

They should blow it out of the park when they have all the people on + for the month. They might get a number of people who might continue. It would be a win for Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.