Sony may need a magician at E3 to compete for U.S gamers

Sony is working diligently on retaining U.S. customers. Although we have noticed a number of gamers trading in their PS3 for Xbox 360 consoles as reported by Edge in the U.S and Europe. The PSN downtime is starting to affect Sony's bottom line projections for next year.

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Joni-Ice3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

No they don't. This site may have not notice the leak pictures of the rumored game Starhawk and also failed to notice the positive reactions from the US gamers. Also with all the exclusives Sony has instore at this year E3 including NGP Im sure most US gamers will remain by Sony side.

EDIT: @ Awiseman...Why the insult? Can't you just comment on what I had to say? Thats the problem with N4G.

awiseman3023d ago

I doubt you even read the article and just came in here and posted no they wont within 2 seconds. Not surprising though.

Actually yes they will, their going to need a cast a major disappearing act on the identity theft crisis on psn if their going to get anyone to come to their side...

Reibooi3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )


Firstly the whole identity theft thing is a non issue. It has been reported about a billion times that despite the leaks no one has had their identity stolen in relation to the PSN hack.

2nd of all most gamers are gonna care about 1 thing and 1 thing only and that's games and Sony always brings it when it comes to that. They have by the far the best exclusives and they have been hinting they have even more games to announce some of which could blow people away. On top of the fact that alot of people would just like more info on games they already know are coming which will be a given knowing Sony.

I'm a US gamer and personally I'm most excited for what Sony has to say at E3(followed by Nintendo and then MS). Bottom line is that once the whole PSN thing is fixed no one will remember it after a few months. Just look at what happened when the PSN broke because of it's clock or whatever and didn't work for a day or 2. People acted like it was the worst thing Sony could ever do and now NO ONE talks about it.

MagicGamer3023d ago

The public relations is on a timeline for sure. This is the article that was posted on that subject,

Not trying to be a hater just stating facts. They do have a timeline for a successful E3.

BattleAxe3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

People in the US are easy to convince, thats why they keep electing the same crooked politicians every election, and why the "war economy" lobbyists are able to convey through these elected officials that war is good and that the US needs to spend trillions every year on invading other countries. This is also shown in the case of Microsoft saying to US gamers, that even though the Xbox 360 has a failure rate of over 33%, that the Xbox 360 hardware is very good. You people eat this stuff up like candy.

pixelsword3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

If they have the games, they will have the gamers.

'Nuff said.



Focker420, aaugh! you beat me to it! LOL I'll give you some bubbles for that :D

jeseth3023d ago

I am a PS only gamer and yes, Playstation needs a seriously impressive E3 to take the PSN Down taste of of everybody's mouth.

I love Playstation. Have since PSone but this PSN issue is a serious black eye in our day in age of technology and the role it plays in online gaming.

To deny it is either not being informed on the seriousness of such a breach or blind fanboyism denial. I am a PS guy and I acknowledge that the PSN hack is embarrassing, frustrating, and going on for way too long.

I can see the MS keynote now :

"And with Xbox 360, you get the most SECURE gaming experience possible on Xbox Live".

I'm not going to buy a 360 any time soon but this could be a major arguing point for MS and Nintendo against Playstation.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3023d ago

It's hilarious how you're running around trying to convince everyone that Sony won't have a solid E3. Starhawk blew me away the minute I saw those screens. I'm a gamer and I'm standing by Sony's side because they always bring their best to the table.

evrfighter3022d ago

if I went to E3 no doubt I'd be hounding them about the future security protocols they plan on implementing.

Then I would ask them to convince me to buy something on PSN without having to worry about identity theft.

paintsville3022d ago

Not a magician. A miracle.

RSPproductionz3022d ago

evrfighter ; and if i was there i would tell them not to waste their time talking to you bacause you are an anti sony fanboy.

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Focker4203023d ago

All they need is to showcase some killer games. Thats all you need to win over gamers.

jwatt3023d ago

The fact that they have a big game launching the day of E3 is pretty cool to me

BornCursed3023d ago

what good is a game if it is campaign only. I understand many gamers don't play online but the vast majority do. That isn't going to be enough if they are still down.

Veneno3022d ago


You're right. But I do think that the PSN really needs to go back up by E3. If the problem is solved by then it won't be on people's minds when Sony takes the stage. If the hackers really wanted to do damage they would have attacked a week or two before E3 before Sony could have any time to adress the situation.

Lifewish3022d ago

guys the PSN will be up before E3 and when Sony blows us out of the water with all the games it brings to the table (yes Sony will bring the house to E3), no one will care much about this.

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Lyr1c3023d ago Show
TBM3023d ago

They already have the games I want to play so all they have to do is show more, and they're good with me.

colonel1793022d ago

Come on! PSN down and now Sony is doomed? What about Microsoft with only two games announced this year so far (Gears of War 3 and Forza 4) and ZERO, CERO, NULL, NADA released so far this year? (Exclusives)

So far this year Sony has released LB2, The Show, Motorstorm, Infamous 2 (by E3) Mortal Kombat with exclusive content, and I am sure I am forgetting some, and what has MS done?

If anyone is doomed is MS, at least Nintendo is showing Zelda for Wii, and Project Cafe..

I hate these Sony is doomed articles since 2006 but people just don'e realize that the one going downhill is Microsoft

jdoggystyyle3022d ago

the last of the sony US gamers are in their safe haven, here, on n4g. The last place sony fanboys have to go. Doin what they do best, whine,cry, and try to justify their purchase of the ps3 and why a 3 weeks outtage of psn is no big deal lol. The delusional and idiocy of the sony fanboy on this site makes for entertaining reads.


The truth is that Sony will certainly suffer in the long term because of this. Even with Sony's massive list of exclusives they were barely beating the XBOX in Hardware and software... games like LBP2 AND KILLZONE should have sold more and pushed more consoles for their quality.

But the real death blow that should make Sony fanboys crap their pants is the WII 2... if it has a better online than the PS3 and exclusives like Zelda and Mario, Plus better Multiplats like Battlefield. and at the same price range as the ps3... The ps3 may have to drop its price and hope that the Xbox rumors are false, I predict even more ps3 and 360 trade ins if The wii 2 is A beast but sadly I fear Ps3 is NOT ready to compete with a new XBOX or WII 2 and needs to stop with all the futurist shooters and 3ps... for god sakes sony you NEED A GOOD MODERN DAY FPS!

CYBERHATER3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Poor confused soul lol. The trust in sony has been damaged.

Maddens Raiders3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

sad... US gamers must be really dumb if they have to use a magician. Then again, this article smell like fresh bullshyt.

Clarence3022d ago

I agree with you. The PS3 sales are up in Europe and they are up in the US.

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lazertroy3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Pull GTA V out of a HAT.

F4sterTh4nFTL3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

...biggest gaming conspiracy ever.

Tdmd3023d ago

That's your opinion, and you are entitled to it, just as I am with mine: I loved GTA IV. ;)

karl3023d ago

u can love it .. but he is right..

u cant recognize that game as a 98% on meta no matter what...

its awesome.. just not that good...

GrandTheftZamboni3022d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one that think that GTA 4 didn't deserve all those 10s. I bought into all that hype but now I'll think twice before buying another Rockstar game. Not trolling, just can't figure out how it got high scores across the industry...

Veneno3022d ago

Yep, GTA4 was a stumble by Rockstar, but just about everyone was desperate for a next-gen GTA that they blindly bent over in the name of the infallible Rockstar.

I believe that Rockstar knows deep down that GTA4 was just not what it should have been and that their name and reputation carried them through it.

But Read Dead was an improvement and ironically "a redemption" for the shortcomings of GTA4.

I truly believe that LA Noire will be great and that Rockstar has dusted themselves off and it will only get better and better from here. Agent I believe will be amazing and will be Rockstar's true next gen debut. If Sony dropped gta exclusivity for it then I can only believe they want Agent to be something really amazing.

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sack_boi3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Yes, and that magician is called Nathan Drake.

As far as I have my uncharted 3, I don't give a damn :(

BornCursed3023d ago

Again if the PSN is still offline at the start of june this will be a corporate disaster for sony's E3 and their agenda.

Redempteur3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

well far away , i see uncharted 3 , infamous 2, sorcery and white knight 2 and disgaea 4 coming ..

far away i see even more games on the platform , last guardian , tales of graces , resistance 3 ..

i think everything will be fine oh wait i need to fnish yakuza 4 first before getting the next game ....

no really ..the PSn down didn't bother me at all except when i wanted to get my ar tonelico 3 dlc but that's it ...


Sorry Nathan Drake is offline lol


You know that billion dollar lawsuit is really gonna hurt Nathan's sack really bad. And as impatient as most people are these day's, three weeks is a loooooonnnnnnng time. :)

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mygd3023d ago

Ultimately people will forgive them. After all, it wasn't entirely their fault, and if they have some good game announcements in store, they'll have no problem to conquer us all over again.

SpaceSquirrel3023d ago

The PSN downtime has been costly for Sony. I hope they can recover from it financially.