NPD: Xbox 360 still the best-selling console of 2011

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg shares some news regarding the Xbox 360 for April's NPD.

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NYC_Gamer3025d ago

i expect all 3 consoles to post solid numbers

NobleGamer3025d ago

probably due to somthing getting traded in and people buying Xbox 360s.

evrfighter3025d ago Show
sack_boi3025d ago Show
news4geeks3025d ago

Hard to believe that the once massive brand playstation is now rock bottom in the biggest gaming market but I still think people would bite your arm off for a $200 ps3.

Menech3025d ago


Coming from the guy that thought that Sony could afford to buy Google I don't take your opinion very seriously.

malamdra3025d ago

everyone repeat after me:


sack_boi3025d ago Show
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jetlian3025d ago

value has nothing to do with in hand/bank money. Same reason you hear donald trump is worth 8-9 billion then next year its 1-2 (not actual)

His worth based on the things he owns. BUT HIS ACTUAL MONEY IS WAY LESS THAN 8-9 billion. Sony probably could buy google. But its not worth doing

NateCole3025d ago

@sack_boi. Dude. Just stop it. Sony can never buy google. Even if Sony can buy Google it won't make any sense. Sony is not into online ads and they are predominately a hardware company in anycase.

I thought you were joking before but now i know you are nuts.

Firstkn1ghT3025d ago

LMAO @ Sack Boi!!! That was the funniest and dumbest comment I have ever read on here. The mind of a true Sony fanboy. LMAO!!! Google is just a webpage?

Thanks for the laugh.

death2smoochie3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Again with your comments about Google being a webpage. Just "Google it" to find out how foolish you really are.
Saying that, please stop. You are really dumbing down every single thread you enter into.
Your the Sarah Palin of N4G.COM


And no Sony does not have the working Capital OR power to borrow the needed funds to buy Google.
Sony just not too long ago came out of Financial Restructure...which they had been in before two times since the 1990's.
Like Sack_Boi you need to do a little research before you post

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Counter Strike3025d ago

Xbox sales will explode again incredible what MS did this gen! Sony and MS Consoles may not be 1st but they are much more alive than Wii.

Spitfire_Riggz3025d ago

If that 4gb xbox goes down to 100 bucks or 120 amazing things will happen for MS

Clarence3025d ago

I like your comment sir. Bubbles.

M$ has done a lot better this gen, but the 360 is not the best selling console of 2011. As of right now its the PS3. Since the beginning of 2011 the PS3 has outsold the Wii and the 360.

Dread3025d ago

link to support your comment please?

room4143025d ago

Both sony and nintendo dominated the market with their second consoles.

How is what microsoft achieved this gen "incredible" in any way?

starchild3025d ago

Nintendo only had to go up against Sega and they were coming off their massively successful NES console.

Sony came on the scene when Nintendo was making some misteps and Sega was in its death throws.

PS2 rode the success of the PS1 and killed off the Dreamcast with hype and exaggerated promises. Nintendo again misstepped with the Gamecube and the Xbox came into the generation way too late to ever hope to catch up to the PS2.

Xbox 360 has done as well as it has even in the face of fierce competition from two successful survivors from generations past. The Wii and the PS3 are both extremely strong competitors this generation. That is the difference.

NateCole3025d ago

"Nintendo only had to go up against Sega and they were coming off their massively successful NES console"

And you think that Nintendo didn't come off the even more massive success that is the SNES?.

Dude just stop it. Nintendo was even bigger after SNES and yet Sony in one gen beat them and broke all records and back it up with the PS2.

MS after 2 gen are still struggling to remain second overall and they will end last this gen. How is that an improvement from their second place last gen?. Neither Nin or MS ever reached 100m home consoles which Sony have done back to back and will do with the PS3 eventually.

gamingdroid3025d ago

Let's see, Sony came from dominating the market to sharing the spotlight with MS, whom the previous generation was a laughing stock with a new brand.

No matter how you spin it, MS marketshare is on par with Sony, whom previously dominated the market. That means MS brand has increased, while Sony has decreased.

Nintendo ofcourse regained their reputation and then some!

You can b!tch and moan, but reality is that a company's brand will fluctuate and Sony is no longer the ring king. Nintendo is!

Ryo-Hazuki3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I'll take World wide numbers over U.S numbers

Nothing against M$..but why they never brag about WW numbers year in year out hmmm I wonder why

mrv3213025d ago


In terms of market... I could be wrong.

Europe and Japan are large market, as is the ever growing Saudi market, the ONLY reason we focus on the US because there's one data point instead of 100's

limewax3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

To Microsoft it is the biggest market, But actually at least for the registered online accounts, PS3 has more worldwide excluding US than in US.

To say it is the biggest market is a cheap way of dodging a real issue, the fact that MS has struggled to penetrate the market Outside of US in the same way other companies have. So because US nets a couple million more sales, does that really mean it should be blown off and concentrate on US ignoring the million of customers in the world, The world is worth more than America

GodHandDee3025d ago

US is the biggest single market, Europe is the biggest market, one that is lead by ps3 at the moment.

But not to take away from this tho, 360 did great in the NPd/US. Good job

NateCole3025d ago


We all know why. In truth worldwide the x360 has been 3rd sales wise every year since both wii and PS3 launched.

Things are really getting interesting now with both wii and x360 sales going down and PS3 going up.

"Nintendo has sold 86 million units of the Wii since its launch in 2006.

But sales of the console are falling - 15.1 million were sold in the year to March, down from 20.1 million the previous year.

And Nintendo expects sales of about 13 million in the next year.

By comparison, rival Microsoft has also seen a slight fall in sales of its Xbox - it sold 10.3 million in the year to March 2010, down from 11.2 million the previous year.

But Sony has seen a rise in sales of its Playstation 3. It sold 13 million units in the year to March 2010, up from 10.1 million the year before."

after all the hoopla about Kinetic last year and this year sofar x360 sales were down compare to previous fiscal year ending March.

X360 fans can ridicule every small markets there are outside of NA but the truth is every single market weather its Australia or Spain they all matter in the end.

ElementX3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Official worldwide numbers aren't avaible. Most of the world doesn't track sales, including the majority of Europe

guigsy3025d ago

@ infamous

No one posts worldwide numbers, not on a monthly basis anyway. Sony and Nintendo never talk about worldwide numbers either.

3025d ago
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Zir03025d ago

360 has been outselling the PS3 WW ever since Kinect released just look at the official data from Sony/MS since the release of Kinect.

DigitalRaptor3025d ago

Woo for Kinect! It's so much better than any of the exclusive crap that Sony has been delivering month after month this year. /s

palaeomerus3025d ago

Actually Sony's exclusives have been pretty crap since January.

DigitalRaptor3022d ago

LittleBigPlanet 2, crap? No.

Killzone 3, crap? No.

MotorStorm Apocalypse, crap? No.

MLB 11: The Show, crap? No.

Yakuza 4, crap? No.

Kratos on Mortal Kombat, PS3/PC co-op and free Portal 2 Steam copy and exclusive third-party content on L.A. Noire and future games must be crap to you too, right?

I guess people like to hate on what they don't have, and none worse than jealous 360 fanboys such as yourself!

Misterhbk3025d ago

NPD? Yes, Aaron, we already know the Xbox will sell the most in the States. Common knowledge.

might as well say the sky is blue, or fish swim.

Now I'd be shocked if he came out and said Xbox won Japan, then I'd know that the world was coming to an end.

JOLLY13025d ago

ps....the sky isn't actually blue and fish don't "swim".

Misterhbk3025d ago

Hmm...well idk where you live but I'm looking up at the sky as we speak and its pretty blue. Now perhaps you're trying to get all "scientific" on me due to gases or whatever it is, but the sky I'm looking at is blue. Blue as blue can get. You can take your science and shove it lol

now as far as fish go...I'm pretty damn sure they "swim" considering swimming is classified as moving through water with arms, legs, flippers, fins, tail, etc...

JOLLY13025d ago

I may give you the swim part....but tell me what color your sky is tonight.

Misterhbk3025d ago

I'd do just that Jolly but you'll be out of bubbles by then and won't even be able to respond

JOLLY13025d ago

Classic! Oops there I go :P

Colmshan19903025d ago

I live in Ireland.
We get grey skies, on a good day. :P
I know what you're saying, but the Japanese market is weird enough to do that.
Example being the PSP outselling the 3DS, which is really strange when you consider it's less powerful, and the NGP is due this year.

limewax3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Well, the real truth of it would be there is no sky, A combination of gases as you said is why it is blue, but beyond that is the universe, The 'Sky' is an invention created for the human perception of the gases seen, Some species of animals quite possibly don't even see the blue due to having a different light filter.

Denethor_II3025d ago
There. Now lets get to the really important matter at hand. The Xbox360 has sold a few more units in region one than the PS3. What does this mean? Well I don't know maybe we should all sell our PS3's, despite the colossal amount of games being released for it, and get Xbox's?

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Raven_Nomad3025d ago

Not bad considering Microsoft came in last in the United States last gen. Clearly they are doing a lot of things right.