IGN: Madden NFL 12: Superstar Mode

IGN:They say football is all about "team," but who doesn't come into the NFL dreaming of being a superstar? Developer Tiburon is hoping to make gamers feel like gridiron studs with some long-overdue improvements to Madden's Superstar mode.

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MintBerryCrunch3015d ago

i like how you start out with a rating of chance of even getting drafted in the 1st 3 rounds..if you look at NBA 2k11...the best thing they did was how you climbed up the draft boards through your play and practice..something that EA nor Madden has figured out yet...there is a reason the NFL holds a draft combine...just another year where that doesnt matter

still no gameplay commentary during super star mode, still canned animated tackles...all they did was change how your player increases in rating

Darkspade3020d ago

Why does it Seem like EA Sports Madden Team Add Everything NO one cares about.. Why can't they just fix the Game

I Hate that they are the only ones that can make an NFL Game this is more likely the Reason the game has not Advanced Very Much from '06...

jut4203020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )


Couldn't agree with you more...I do think improving Superstar mode is good, but I've felt they have been adding pointless features and wrecking the gameplay since I started playing current-gen Maddens. Madden 10's challenge system was the worst I've ever seen in Madden. It seemed like every time I should have won a challenge I would lose, and vice versa. Sad thing, is I still have Madden 10 because 11 just wasn't much of an improvement (only played the demo) and I love football and playing as my team.

I think NCAA has been doing a good job in improving though. NCAA 11 was good, but it was so unpolished it felt amateurish. The thing that sold me on the game was the gameplay. I think the controls they have should be the standard for football games. Plus seeing the improvements video earlier today made me excited. The new tackling system and the new zone coverage system look great and things like this is what we should be seeing in Madden, improvements to the gameplay and AI.

Edit: Also why hasn't Madden implemented a pitch system like NCAA has for option plays. They should be limited to the last 10-20 seconds of a game for kick-offs or regular offense. It's become a common thing in football when you are within reach to tie or win the game.

NYC_Gamer3020d ago

i wont ever buy another sports title from EA

dktxx23020d ago

If only there were more gamers like you. We'd have a real nfl football game.

thugbob3019d ago

NYC_Gamer ss your name raul by any chance?