Microsoft opening new Kinect studios: set for "highly experimental gameplay"

123KINECT writes: "As more and more Kinect hacks surface, Microsoft wants to start experimenting as well. Fortunately, without relying on these individual developers, Microsoft took matters into their own hands and has opened a game studio: MGS Family, close to their home, in Redmond. The tag line that should draw future employees in, is self-explanatory: "Want to work on games the whole family can enjoy?", but what follows is not so self-explanatory."

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DigitalRaptor3025d ago

The question begs to be asked: why aren't they opening studios for their core titles?

DigitalRaptor3025d ago

No. I mean core games for people who have no interest in Kinect.

JonnyTheMoney3025d ago

nothing new here... move along people.

mark01923025d ago

Maybe, because they trust their partners in creating these experiences? Or because they'll be announcing that they bought Epic at E3?

VINNIEPAZ3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

"The question begs to be asked: why aren't they opening studios for their core titles?"

Who said it they have to, people that bought kinect already new it wasn't meant for hardcore. Now go cry some more.

@Mr Beatdown "He's talking about hardcore games. Not hardcore Kinect games."

IDK maybe they want to try to make games that have "highly experimental gameplay". I hope they can make some FRESH new fun games. Just because its not hardcore doesn't mean its not fun for Christ sake. This is room for both

MrBeatdown3025d ago

He's talking about hardcore games. Not hardcore Kinect games.

Maybe those that bought Kinect knew it wasn't for the hardcore, but the same sure as hell can't be said for those who bought a 360.

The_Ultimate_Guy3025d ago

@ MrBeatdown

"Maybe those that bought Kinect knew it wasn't for the hardcore, but the same sure as hell can't be said for those who bought a 360."

What an ignorant comment. The 360 has had 6 years worth of hardcore games. Kinect is like only 6 months old and you think MS no longer has hardcore games for the hardcore players?

Just pathetic.

MrBeatdown3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )


Really? It's ignorant to expect a steady flow of hardcore exclusive games for a system that was sold and marketed to millions as the system with the best hardcore line-up?

Sorry to rain on your parade, but the last hardcore exclusive title to release on 360 was last fall. The next one will be this fall. That's nearly a year without a single hardcore exclusive. I'm not basing what I said on "Kinect being out for six months" as you put it. I'm basing it on the FACT that MS hasn't released anything specifically for the hardcore since the end of October with Fable III, and won't release anything until the end of September with Gears 3.

I've had my 360 for five years, which has been more than enough time to play the games from the past six years. God forbid I ask for something as absurd as new games, right? Hell, even when the PS3 was in the toilet in 2006 and 2007, Sony could at least release something decent every few months. It's pretty damn bad when you can't even keep pace with what is considered the worst year for either system this generation.

You know what's pathetic to me? Pretending eleven months without a noteworthy game aimed at it's core audience of millions is anything less than pathetic.

I'm sure I'll keep getting disagrees though. Some people would rather just protect Microsoft's precious image than expect better from them.

jimbone793024d ago

@ Mr.beatdown
That’s funny because I have already bought 6 hardcore games for my 360 this year so this “the last hardcore exclusive game for the 360 was released last fall”, shit is a joke. Oh I know, I forgot. Only exclusives count right? I hate what these internet gamers have become. A game only counts if it agrees with their opinion. Never mind the stellar lineup of games this year, nothing counts but exclusives. I hate to rain on your parade but the 360 still has more total exclusives than the PS3. It has more total games, so even if you go by the most “EXCLUSIVES” 360 is still on top. No, MS has no abandoned the hardcore. Is it focused on the casuals right now? Yes, but that’s not hurting my gaming habit at all. I still have more games than I can keep up with, and to be honest for the last month anything you can play online is a 360 exclusive. You also mention people protecting MS. LOL, I guess you’ve missed the hordes of people the last month that are saying how “OK” it is the Sony lost everyone’s personal information, and that it’s “cool” that PSN is down. I bet you a million dollars if Live was going through the same thing those same people wouldn’t have the same “aww it’s ok” attitude. I’m so sick of reading the delusional peoples post on this website. I’m done with this shit. Fuck you and all the other Sony di%^ suckers on this site. I will be having fun playing my 360 ONLINE, and all you can have fun bent over for Sony, while still trying to convince the world they like your “personality”.

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callahan093025d ago

"highly experimental gameplay" That's what I'm talkin' about! I don't personally care if they want to label it "core" or "casual" or whatever, but I do have an interest in playing something FUN in a way that I've never played before.

kaveti66163025d ago

the question begs to be asked: if you have a PS3 and believe it satisfies all of your gaming needs, then why are you interested in what Microsoft is doing?

karl3025d ago

with all the xbox fanboys bragging about xbox sales it only gets more fun every year to watch how MS keeps pissing on them..

besides with PSN down.. what are we suppose to do? get an xbox? Jesus Christ LMAO

kaveti66163025d ago

Maybe try reading a book.

What are you supposed to do?

Does your life consist of only playing games and trolling game forums?

There are girls out there.

JokesOnYou3025d ago

lol, of course a well known sonyfanboy is the 1st to post a negative comment in a kinect thread, just bitter because kinect is generating far more interest than sonys move.

DigitalRaptor3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Call me a Sony fanboy if you want. Okay, I'm pretty satisfied with the content Sony offers, and I love gaming on my PC too. Does that make me a PC fanboy too, or maybe that makes me a Microsoft fanboy since they provide the OS that I run my games on? Hmmmm.... not too sure.

But anyway, to someone like you my comments are negative. That's all you want to see. As far as I'm concerned, I think it would be better for the average 360 gamer if MS would put more focus into their core exclusives for the 360 gamer who has been with them from the start.

Bitter? not really. When I critisize Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black does that make me bitter about their success? Not really. They just make REALLY, REALLY shit music.

What I know is that Kinect is a far less competent gaming device than your standard controller, or even Move. I'm insulted that Microsoft has convinced people that it's the future of gaming, and I'm also astonished that the same people that are buying Kinect haven't learned from when they bought the Wii and left it to gather dust soon after.

And for that reason I think it's only fair that 360 fans should receive more exclusive content for their 360, rather than for an underwhelming (considering the hype) peripheral.

I'm thinking about you guys here - remember that! I sometimes see comments from 360 fans telling Microsoft that it just isn't good enough, and that is respectable. Why don't more of you have that kind of attitude, instead of taking the proverbial shaft all the time for EVERYTHING? XBL price hike... Overpriced peripherals... hardware issues... lack of variety... taking away your choices etc.

JokesOnYou3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

No self respecting 360fan would deny that 360 could use a couple more exclusives during the 1st half of the year but the situation is far from a feeling of abandonment of the core gamer fanbase considering some major titles like Gears and Forza are coming in the later half of the year, sonyloyalist would of course like nothing more than 360 owners to believe the 360 is finished, lol been hearing that same song every year, still enjoying the hell out of my 360 with friends all year every year. Also unlike some we also recognize there are plenty of great multiplats to play, which quite frankly in some cases are better than all but the very top tier 360 AND ps3 exclusives. Thats how I feel and I own both, I just prefer 360 gaming in most cases.

My point to you is only that what you think "is only fair for 360 fans" is nothing more than fake concern for our best interest, you lack creditability on the matter given your history....furthermore given the fact that hardcore 360 fans like myself have played and enjoyed a select few kinect games and would love to see kinect intergrated in more core titles along with standard controls, YOU of all people do NOT speak for us. No, you are just a typical sonyfanboy in a kinect thread trolling, nobodys fooled.

Morbius4203023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Gears, Forza, Fable, Gears, Forza, can't we ever get anything new?

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Counter Strike3025d ago

is creating a triple A shooter compstible with Kinect and 343 is making Halo 4 wich will be compatible with Kinect.

Burning_Finger3025d ago ShowReplies(1)
zeal0us3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Families are jumping for joy. Core-gamers are wondering wth, wheres the core-games already. Ps3 owners wondering when is psn coming back online and find this news irrelevant.

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