Battlefield 3: New Karkand vs. Old Karkand

A comparison of the look and feel of the new Strike At Karkand for Battlefield 3, compared to the old version from Battlefield 2.

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SixZeroFour3026d ago

while both look amazing (bf2 for its time) is it just me or is there absolutely no resemblance whatsoever?

i personally dont see how these maps are one in the same...buildings look completely different, the roads dont look like they match, but that might just be me...anyone see the resemblance?

iagainsti1203026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Did you read the article at all, "Note that the concept art isn’t meant to represent the final map, only the look, feel, and color palette of the new version.". Well i guess that would explain the question mark you use for an avatar.

SixZeroFour3025d ago

really? you couldnt leave it at just explaining to me, but you had to also imply that i didnt know anything? real mature...then again, this IS n4g, so i guess it comes with the territory

AndrewRyan3025d ago

Welcome to N4G SixZeroFour where all the prepubescents gather to yell at you for not reading the article.

tdrules3026d ago

surely the map would be imbalanced with destruction?
probably better to change it, if only slightly

kancerkid3025d ago

Except it is sort of hard to destroy entire buildings, even in games.

dirthurts3026d ago

Only the visual difference should make it to the final build.
The overall map layout should be the same or very similar to the original.

Fishy Fingers3026d ago

Might be concept, but obviously not just a straight remake, big difference. Not a bad thing, throw in MOD support and someone will remake the original too :)

fredrikpedersen3025d ago

Strike at Karkand is the best map in any multiplayer game ever.

fredrikpedersen3025d ago

Does anyone know if Strike at Karkand is for consoles too?

Ninja-KiLLR3025d ago

the preorder info on amazon says it is as one of the bonuses. ive had mine preordered since about 5 minutes after i watched the fault line trailer 3

frostypants3025d ago

I want Wake Island. IMHO, that is the true marquee BF map.

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