Week recap: PS3 $399, Xbox 360 No. 1, Wii Zapper

Week in review. News articles include:

Sony this week announced a price cut for the 80GB PS3 SKU in the U.S. Additionally, it will introduce the 40GB SKU to the U.S. in Nov.

A Halo 3-armed Xbox 360 in Sept. outsold rivals in the latest U.S. retail sales figures. The Xbox 360 ranked as the No. 1-selling video game hardware for the month.

Additionally, Link's Crossbow Training is on target for Wii. The bundled Wii Zapper application features a variety of game modes to test out the new peripheral.

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tocrazed4you4019d ago

Surprised that they didn't mention anything about street fighter 4 being announced?

SonySoldiers4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

We're surprised the PS3 is not #1 !!! This article pathetic. Post more good news for PS3 please! DON'T FORGET TO BUY PLAYSTATION 3 THIS HOLIDAYS, IT'S CHEAPER DAMNIT! 400 bucks only, WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM PEOPLE?????

AngryTypingGuy4019d ago


SF49er4084019d ago

but in december i turn 21 and get a 5 grand check from my parents and the first thing im buyin is a ps3 for uncharted, ratchet, mgs4, killzone, and warhawk. ill probley get a wii too just to play zelda and wii fit. all these keg stands r killin me.

Bazookajoe_834019d ago

I guess u cant buy youre Ps3 and wii now ;-)

lynx1halo4019d ago

If youve been on the fence about your purchase of a PS3 how can you argue the price point now? with superior graphics and hardware you cant go wrong....
Playstation3 innovator...Xbroke360 imitator

AngryTypingGuy4019d ago

"Playstation3 innovator...Xbroke360 imitator" -- But the 360 was out first. I'm sure they'll all borrow ideas off of each other though. It's only a matter of time before Sony steals the "achievements" idea. I heard they might call them, get this, "entitlements". Maybe they already have them, I don't know, and could care less.

Did the PS3 innovate motion sensing in the controller? What about having a built in HDD? How about a Live service? You get my point. Now, I'll give Sony their props. They helped to take gaming to a new level of popularity in the 90's. But they are not the be all, end all in innovation.

ironflag5554019d ago

@lynx1halo, very well said

lynx1halo4019d ago

just trying to spread a little truth on 2 these people

Wii60PS3DSPSP4019d ago

Sorry but trolls never speak the truth.

Bazookajoe_834019d ago

Lol, if u had another name maybe someone, somwhere, sometime would listen to you and think that you werent a troll...

lynx1halo4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

and Wii fanatics like urself Wii360iiW never see past the same nintentdo recycled games...never see the next Gen graphics...and never see the innovation on PS3 as Mario once again lets both YOUR MONEY and the princess get captured!! LOL

ericnellie4019d ago

I know you're attempting to spread a little truth but you're failing miserably. I'm not a fanboy but, let me help you with your facts. The PS3 is capable of superior graphics and physics but, it hasn't be demonstrated as of yet and no one is sure when this will happen;)
Superior hardware, you've got a point. So, if you're a true believer in buying the system with the least amount of games but superior hardware -- that means you loved your original xbox...right? Or are you just the typical Sony fanboy that says it's all about the software last generation and all of a sudden feel that the most powerful system is where it's at. Gosh, you fanboys are just like Sony,

World wide launch -- um, no...we aren't going to do it
1 SKU -- um, no...we aren't going to do it
backwards compatability -- um, no we aren't doing that anymore
It's all about the games -- um, no it's not

don't get me wrong -- i love my PS3 and my 360 but, be an individual. Don't let a brand govern your way of thinking buddy. I'm just trying to bring you back from the brink;) I pissed at Sony for their lack of good software titles and I was pissed as hell when i got the 3 red lights of death on my 360. I'm holding both accountable for these HUGE mistakes!!

Wii60PS3DSPSP4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

The only difference is that you don't see me talking mindless bs like these people. Untill you do then you can call me that. If anything the name was to get reactions from them which it has been doing. I was planning to change it anyways.

lynx1halo4019d ago

I was never the type to talk down upon other consoles.....but experience is the true deciding factor for many people....and after a 2nd breakdown of my personal Xbroke360 i sold it for parts and did it with a if i accidentally leave my PS3 on all night its not an end to my gaming for 2 weeks...its an OOPS forgot to turn it off LOL

Ignorant Fanboy4019d ago

Spreading the truth are you?

Then why worry if you leave your 360 on? It has auto shutoff, you know, in case you leave it on.

I think the truth is, you never owned a 360, besides, how do you sell one for parts?

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ironflag5554019d ago

ps3 comes up with home, xbox first bashes home now they might come out with cool room similar to home, xbox 1 first said we dont need four shoulder buttons on our controlers now they added four shoulder buttons to xbox 360 controlers, xbox 360 hdmi is not needed, now look ps3 added hmdi lets add hdmi

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