Duke Nukem Forever Reminds Us Why Games Are Great

Joel Taveras writes, "In Case of Alien Invasion Break Glass”. Those were the words etched into the glass of a shotgun display case inside of Duke Nukem’s casino. Yes, you heard right, the man has his own Casino, and football field,and pretty much anything else he wants. Twelve years have passed since Duke’s last romp, and in Duke Nukem Forever everyone’s favorite dirty-mouthed hero also happens to be the richest and most popular person on the planet. The problem is that those pesky aliens are back and they want their revenge. That’s the breakdown for the upcoming shooter from Gearbox and 2K Games, and while that premise probably wouldn’t be taken seriously for any other game, this is Duke Nukem we’re talking about."

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GOODKyle3025d ago ShowReplies(2)
Chadness3025d ago

Well written preview, don't care about the game, though. ;)

Perjoss3025d ago

I truly envy your amount of free time if you read previews for games you dont even care about.

thevokillist3025d ago

Awesome preview. Been a fan of this series for a long time (and respects women while doing so). Duke Nukem has always pushed the envelope but the crap that gets thrown at it is from people who still believe that video games, movies and music warp our fragile little minds and turn us into violent criminals...

Soldierone3025d ago

BS! You can't respect woman and like Duke Nukem!!! I just had a study at Unkown university for Noobs that stated 1 out of 1 biased idiots do NOT respect woman after enjoying Duke Nukem!We also proved video games make you violent, and music makes you worship the devil.


Danl3025d ago

Awesome. Hope it's worth the wait.


Because Duke said so obviously. :P

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