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The announcement of a new Tomb Raider wowed fans of the series, especially after confirming the exploring of Lara’s. More than that, Crystal Dynamics has promised to restart the franchise history and brings a younger Lara, but with all the features that made it so iconic and loved - that is, the way we like. As you know, the next Tomb Raider is not a sequel per se, but a reboot of the whole story seen so far. In other words, a beginning for the saga of the heroine and her adventurous life.

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Hoje03083025d ago

Ha! I just realized that the person that submitted this is the same one that wrote this "article". Can't imagine who reported my previous comment. Hey, Canana, it's not my fault your grasp of the English language is tenuous, at best.

OT: Game still looks great. The article is still a turd, however.